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Jacaranda Tree in Paintings and Photography

Jacaranda Tree in Paintings and Photography

Landscape of Breathtaking beauty – Jacaranda Tree in Paintings and Photography

Jacaranda Tree in Paintings and Photography
If to describe the beauty of Jacaranda in one phrase, it would be like this: ‘breath-taking’. The most impressive this splendid tree is in full bloom – slender trunk, delicate leaves, and rich lilac blossoms. Meanwhile, there are many interesting uses of Jacaranda. First of all, the wood has a pleasant scent. Second, it is easy to work with for carpentry purposes. Because of the handsome finish and beautiful streaks that polished Jacaranda timber produces, in Egypt craftsmen used Jacaranda Tree for making pianos. In addition, the water extracts of Jacaranda has medicinal value; and it is antimicrobial. Besides, the beauty of this tree makes it the muse for artists and photographers.

Jacaranda can be grown as street tree

Jacaranda. Grown as street tree

Grown as street tree to provide shady shelters, in landscapes and lawns for its profuse flowers or in large pots as an ornamental plant for container gardening. Also, landscape designers or gardeners turned Jacaranda into a nicely sculpted bonsai tree.

Because of its outstanding beauty Jacaranda appeared in many tropical and sub-tropical countries, for example, in Pakistan. Originally belonging to Brazil, Jacaranda lovers widely distributed its 50 species across Central America, Mexico, South America (especially Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Uruguay), and the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, India, Fiji, Portugal and parts of Africa.

Maui Jacaranda Tree Paintings

Don Jusko came to Maui in 1976 to paint on location full time. That was the beginning of his Real Color Wheel. Don Jusko is known around Maui in Hawaii as the Traveling Artist. He has been painting from a VW van for thirty years now. Back in 1964 he was an art director for an advertising agency in Florida – USA. Don is very particular about color and pigments.

His more recent works reflect his latest color theories and the results are clearly evident in the following painting examples. The colors are pure and come alive as though dancing in the sun.

Jacaranda Tree in Paintings and Photography