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Kristina Rihanoff professional ballroom dancer

Kristina Rihanoff professional ballroom dancer

Beautiful Kristina Rihanoff professional ballroom dancer

Kristina Rihanoff professional ballroom dancer
Born 22 September 1977, in Siberia, Kristina Pshenichnykh is a world finalist professional ballroom dancer, instructor and author. Meanwhile, Kristina’s journey began in Siberia. Her father, a musician and composer, instilled in Kristina love for music and dance at an early age. She studied both Latin and Standard styles, but it was the Latin harmonies and movements that truly stirred her passion. Kristina entered her first dance competition at the tender age of seven, and has never looked back. In 2001, Kristina moved to Seattle, Washington, and dedicated all of her time to professional dance competition.


Dancer Kristina Rihanoff

Meanwhile, in the US, Kristina learned several new styles of dance. In particular, salsa, American rhythm, and exhibition/theater style. She was so successful that she and her partner won second place at the American Rhythm Finals for three years in a row. Together with her partner, they traveled around the U.S. and abroad to perform and compete around the world.

In 2004, Kristina and her partner were invited to represent the U.S. in the most prestigious competition in the professional dance world, the World Exhibition at the Blackpool Dance Festival. There the couple became second in the theater-style category.

Kristina then returned to International-style Latin with new partner Michael Wentink, one of Latin dance’s most famous ballroom masters. The duo of Kristina and Michael promptly won the South African Championship. Besides, they became semifinalists at the 2007 Blackpool competition in the Latin American division.

In addition, Kristina has been busy with other projects. She’s currently completing a how-to makeup and stage preparation book for newcomers to ballroom competition. Having studied stage makeup for two years in Russia, Kristina has always knew in every detail her unique competition appearance. From the design of her beautiful costumes to her exquisite hairstyles and stage makeup.

The talented dancer is currently touring with the cast of Dancing With The Stars. Besides, she plans to include photos from the tour in her new book for everyone to enjoy. Kristina performs the Argentine tango, mambo, cha-cha, rumba, bolero, and many more.

Kristina Rihanoff professional ballroom dancer