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Ancient art of Painting with sand

Ancient art of Painting with sand

Girl’s portrait. Ancient art of Painting with sand

Sand performance of Painting with sand with the video projection of the performance on large screen – a technique which appeared in the 70s of XX century. And the performing in this technique artist is Sand Animator. Undoubtedly, Sand animated art by Russian artist Alyona Voynova is worth watching. This is a unique art of fleeting images on glass, which can destroy even the slightest touch or breeze. There must be not only the ability to draw, but also the ability to feel the sand, so as not to spoil the picture by the reckless move. Drawing with sand on the glass develops imagination, attention, motor skills and spatial perception of the fingers. According to parapsychologists, sand absorbs the negative psychic energy, harmful to human health, and stabilizes emotional state.

Sandpainting art

Funny underwater world. Sandpainting art

There are special studios teaching techniques of sand painting on glass. In addition to the sand, for this technique of drawing on glass artists use coffee, salt, semolina, or other fine granular material.

Known since the ancient times, Native Americans, Tibetan and Buddhist monks, Australian Aborigines, and Latin Americans practiced Sandpainting or dry-painting. Nowadays, sandpainting most takes place during Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico and the United States. Streets decorated with sand paintings, unfortunately, later swept away, symbolizing the fragile nature of life. Noteworthy are the sand-paintings done during the Seattle Dia De Muertos Festival. However, the most exciting development has been the Performance Art of Sand Animation which has created a new wave of younger artists and also revived interest in all types of sand painting.

Ancient art of Painting with sand