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Palm Islands archipelago of artificial islands

Palm Islands archipelago of artificial islands

located in the UAE, the Emirate of Dubai, Palm Islands archipelago of artificial islands

Palm Islands archipelago of artificial islands
Dubai – a wonderful place in the middle of the desert, in which scientific and technological progress of the XXI century intertwined with the ancient culture. However, one of the most ambitious projects in the Emirates – the artificial islands. In particular, Palm Islands – an archipelago of artificial islands, created by human hands. Located between the islands and archipelagos of artificial “world” and “universe” of the smaller islands. Interestingly, all this creation can be seen from the moon to the naked eye.
Located in the UAE, the Emirate of Dubai, Palm islands consist of three major islands, and each has the shape of palm trees. In fact, Palm Jumeirah is the smallest and most original of the three islands. In addition, this is the first palm island and a great achievement in the history of world architecture. Meanwhile, the construction of the island began in June 2001, and in 2006 came into use. It consists of a trunk, 16 leaves, and a surrounding crescent island that forms the 11-kilometer-long breakwater. Diameter – 6 km. “Crescent” – a barrier that surrounds and protects the “Palm” from sea waves. There will be hotels.

Palm islands in the UAE, the Emirate of Dubai

Palm islands in the UAE, the Emirate of Dubai

The size of the island – 5 kilometers by 5 kilometers and its total area of ​​more than 800 football fields. The island is connected to the mainland by a 300-meter bridge and the crescent is connected to the tip of the palm tree by undersea tunnel. The cost of Palm Jumeirah estimated at 14 billion dollars.

Bulk artificial island was put under construction in late 2007. It is 50% bigger than Jumeirah. The coastal line is planned to build a 1000 bungalow resting on piles of Polynesian-style.

After completion, Palm Deira will be the largest in human history man-made island that will serve as a habitat for a million people. The work is planned to be fully completed by 2015, although this date is not final.

World Archipelago – an artificial archipelago of several islands, the overall shape reminiscent of the continents of the Earth (hence the name – “Peace”). It is located 4 kilometers from the coastline of Dubai.

Artificial islands in the archipelago world created largely out of the sand shallow coastal waters of Dubai. To find a place for this project was difficult, because the shoreline was already occupied by palm islands. Then it was decided to build the island, 4 km from the coast.

The total area of ​​the archipelago world is equal to 55 sq. Making it the largest artificial archipelago in the world. Size of islands – from 14 thousand to 83 thousand square meters, the width of the straits between them ranges from 50 to 100 meters with a depth of 16 meters.

In April 2004, appeared the first island, named “Dubai.” Unlike the Palm Islands, the archipelago world is not connected with the continent and there are no bridges. All building materials delivered by sea. By May 2005, in the Gulf 15 million tons of stone were dropped.

In the future, the archipelago is planned to increase the creation of new islands on the project “The Universe”

The World Archipelago, despite the fact that it is completely surrounded by water, constructed a very reliable – artificial islands may disappear under the water no earlier than 900-4000 years, according to Arabian Business.
The islands of the archipelago has world’s most luxurious homes on planet.
Price of one island of 38 million dollars and varies depending on the location, size, and proximity to other islands.

Access to all 300 islands will be by sea or air transport, with regular ferries and private yachts and boats.

Palm Islands archipelago of artificial islands