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Teagan White’s intricate illustrations

Owl by artist Teagan White

Owl. Teagan White’s intricate illustrations

Teagan White’s intricate illustrations
American freelance designer and illustrator from Chicago Teagan White is currently living and working in St Paul, Minnesota. She graduated from Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Teagan White’s intricate illustrations include flora and fauna, cute anthropomorphic critters, and typography. Besides, her illustrations demonstrate fascination with nature, antiquities, and reciprocal relationships between life forms. Meanwhile, her visual identity remains consistent in its high level of detail and harmonious color and composition. Currently, Teagan lives in the woods across the street from train tracks and a fox den, and spends her tiny amounts of free time taking photos. In fact, by exploring forests, rivers, lakes, fields, and swamps, picking wildflowers, and collecting animal bones, she finds inspiration for her art.
Among her clients, in particular, Nike, Wired Magazine, Anthropologie, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Target, and many small businesses, independent musicians, and individuals.

Teagan White's intricate illustrations

Sparrow, black and white illustration in motion

“The subtleties of nature and reciprocal relationships between organisms are her primary inspirations, and her work typically incorporates flat, limited color, decorative arrangements of organic forms, and obsessive detail”.

Teagan White’s intricate illustrations