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The underwater hotel in Dubai

The underwater hotel in Dubai

At the sunset. The beautiful underwater hotel in Dubai

The underwater hotel in Dubai
Science fiction becomes more real with this amazing hotel in Dubai. Would you live in such hotel, located below the sea level? This architectural innovation of the Deep Ocean Technology aims to change the hotel industry and tourism experience in the Middle East. Underwater Hotel is designed as a modern alternative to land-based hotels. The initial idea for Hydropolis was inspired by the great passion of Hauser for water and the sea, and goes beyond than only constructing an underwater hotel.

Underwater Hotel, Dubai

Fabulous Underwater Hotel, Dubai

Presently under construction in the city of Dubai, Hydropolis Hotel Dubai will be the first luxury hotel in the whole world. It will feature three parts: the land post, where visitors will be greeted, the connection subway, which will convey individuals to the center place of the hotel, and the 220 suites found in the underwater leisure complex. It is one of the biggest modern construction projects in the entire world, having 260 hectares, about the same size of Hyde Park of London.

The hotel makes the human creature in an architectural style. A direct analogy is found in between the architecture as well as the composition of man. The gaps made within the basin will have function regions, like bars, restaurants, theme suites and meeting areas. All of these can be matched up to the functions of the organism of a man: the motor systems and the heart and nervous systems, together with the sinus loop representing the beat of all lives.

The ballroom, situated in the nerve center, will take balanced pathways connecting the various storeys within the ramps. A huge, petal-shape retracting roof will allow the stage of open-sky activities. Ramps, staircases and lifts will give access to the ballroom, while neighboring catering places will provide receptions and banquets.

To come into this bizarre area (gallery photo), visitors will start in the land station. This 120 m semicircular cylinder, woven will bend over a building of multi-storey. On the bottom level commuters board a silent train pushed by wholly automated cable together with a modular, self-helping steel pathway to Hydropolis. An on-demand and never late logistical system will administer competent supply of commodities to the hotel.

Although the most original and odd hotel in Dubai has not yet opened to the public, these are few of the proposed ultra-modern features of the hotel that would attract each reader of this write up into an awareness level that is full of excitement and awe. Are you ready to explore it if it would be achievable for you to stay, eat and sleep under the sea for a few days or months?

The upper part storeys of the land station feature a range of amenities, including a research laboratory of marine biological, a beauty surgery clinic, and business center facilities. While the lower parts have the hotel and parking locations, the rooms of the staff, and the storage are of the goods as well as the loading places.

The underwater hotel in Dubai