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Umbrellas are open

Umbrellas are open

Autumn. Umbrellas are open photo contest

Umbrellas are open – is a new photo contest announced on the wonderful Russian site The photo contests have become traditional, and they attract lots of amateur photographers from all over Russia. All competitions are thematic, and among the latest themes are noteworthy “Snowy feeling”, “Christmas mood”, “Film! Film! Film!”, “Linking the shores”, “Retro”, “In the fog”, “Autumn mood”, “Light and shadow”, “The House of my dreams”, and more. The “Umbrellas are open” photo contest started on 23 October. Photos are accepted till October 30. Voting will last till November 6. Topic: genre pictures of people with umbrellas and parasols. As a result, in the contest participate 4643 photos from 4643 users. I suggest a small selection of the most interesting photos from the contest. In addition, the photos are accompanied with quotes about umbrella.

Umbrellas photo contest

Kiss. Umbrellas are open

Lao Tzu once walked in the rain without an umbrella and a raincoat and met his students coming under the big umbrella.
– Sir, why do you go in the rain without an umbrella? – Asked the student.
– When the it is raining – said Lao Tzu – you are to get wet.
Enlightened student, threw an umbrella and walked away, smiling in the rain.
– What a fool – Lao Tzu said, picking up an umbrella.

Umbrellas are open