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Adolf Hitler paintings

Adolf Hitler paintings

A dog. Adolf Hitler paintings

Adolf Hitler paintings
Just some pictures that belong to the hand one of the most bloodthirsty tyrants of the twentieth century – Adolf Hitler. According to unconfirmed reports, at the beginning of last century (1908), the young Adolf wanted to enter the Vienna Academy of Arts. However, as we all now know, he did not succeed.
Meanwhile, the U.S. Army seized a number of Hitler’s paintings at the end of World War II. Taken to the United States with other captured materials, they are still in the USA. However, the U.S. government has declined to exhibit them. In addition, some other paintings are in private collections. Noteworthy, in the 2000s, a number of these works began to appear at auctions.
In particular, 2009 auction house Mullock’s of Shropshire sold 15 of Hitler’s paintings for a total of $120,000. Also, Ludlow’s of Shropshire sold 13 works for over €100,000. Besides, in a 2012 auction in Slovakia, an individual painting fetched $42,300.

Adolf Hitler's paintings

The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich, 1914

According to a conversation before the outbreak of World War II in August 1939, published in the Blue Book, Hitler told British ambassador Nevile Henderson, “I am an artist and not a politician. Once the Polish question is settled, I want to end my life as an artist.”

Adolf Hitler paintings

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