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Artificial woodland in Singapore-Walkway in heavens

Giant concrete supertrees - man-made structures of an artificial woodland in Singapore

Giant concrete supertrees – man-made structures of an artificial woodland in Singapore

Artificial woodland in Singapore
These giant concrete supertrees are, in fact, man-made structures of a fantastic woodland in Singapore. Launched on June 29, 2012, the newest tourist attraction is 50 meters height. Meanwhile, visitors will be able to take in a panoramic view, and it’s like a walkway in the heavens. The aerial bridge suspended high in the ‘tree’ tops offer panoramic views of the surrounding area. The imposing trees have concrete trunks weighing hundreds of tonnes, while thousands of thick wire rods represent artificial branches and canopies.

Artificial woodland in Singapore

Silhouetted on the ‘OCBC Skyway’ man. Artificial woodland in Singapore

Linking the Supertrees, ranging from 25-50 meters in height, the bridge is next to Singapore’s busy financial district on Monday April 30, 2012 in Singapore. This is part of the city-state’s efforts to bring and nurture greenery within the city and capture the essence of Singapore as a tropical city.

The walkway is suspended 22 meters above the ground – about seven storeys high – and links two Super-trees that reach 42-metres into the sky. The opening program of the gardens will also feature the second attraction – a dramatic OCBC Light and Sound Show, which is due to be unveiled on July 2. Featuring multimedia special effects, the show will run every night.

According to Environmental experts, inside the trees there will be plants from around the world. The park will also become home to the Singapore Garden Festival.

Artificial woodland in Singapore