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Bead artist Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Autumn. Bead artist Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Autumn bracelet. Work by Bead artist Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Bead artist Svetlana Ovintsovskaya lives in St.Petersburg, Russia. She studied art at school, and took private lessons in painting. In addition, finished sewing school, and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. However, she became an engineer after graduating from the Leningrad Technical University.
She found bead-work very interesting, “to make a picture on the neck, which will see hundreds of people in the streets, better than hang picture on the wall!”. In jewelry she prefers animalistic direction: elephants, tigers, lizards, birds, bugs and butterflies. And they all live in the form of brooches or pendants, small masterpieces of jewelry, surrounded by multicolored beads, pearls and natural stones. Indeed, her favorite marine theme is just inexhaustible: colorful fish, crabs, starfish, shells, and mermaids …. Boundless beauty and many ideas for creativity!


Necklace. Simbirtsit is a strange mixture of pyrite, hematite, mother of pearl and onyx marble fused into a single fusion of tens of millions of years ago, when dinosaurs still inhabited the Earth

Not very well known to the wide consumer, Simbirtsit is rare. Mined only in the Ulyanovsk region of Russia, in a single field on the bank of the Volga. Named after the old city of Simbirsk, and that happened not long ago – in 1985, although the first mention of it was in the 18th century. Similar to the amber stone and carnelian, it has the similar properties and fuels its owner with fresh forces and power. Simbirtsit is a symbol of wealth, success and in general, prosperity.

Pendant with Geodes

Pendant with Geodes

Mineral body with the emptiness, the walls of which are crystallized minerals. Geodes, due to its round shape, collects energy inside, and considers to be shaman’s stone, who uses it to get visions and altered states of consciousness. Geodes promotes spiritual growth, helps to overcome addiction and effects people with negative tendencies.

Bead artist Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Pendant with Geodes

Pendant with Geodes

Blue Lagoon necklace

Blue Lagoon necklace

Blue Lagoon necklace

Blue Lagoon necklace – Winner among beading masters “Starlight Glass and Stone 2012” in St. Petersburg (April 2012). Materials: beads, metal findings, natural shells, pearls and a variety of coral beads

Blue Lagoon necklace

Detail of blue Lagoon

Lapis, stone of heaven

Closeup necklace. Lapis, stone of heaven

Lapis decoration

“Stone of heaven” – Lapis, a love charm. Color: dark blue with a splash of pyrite, giving the impression of stars or clouds in the blue sky. Bright and sparkling in the sunlight lapis lazuli becomes dark with candles and electric light

Cabochon pendant with charoite

Lizard necklace. According to belief, the owner of Charoite will never be alone


Scorpio necklace

Pendant with Geodes

Pendant with Geodes

Pendant with Geodes

Artful Geodes necklace

Pendant with obsidian and volcanic lava. Obsidian – volcanic frozen fire

Obsidian and volcanic lava pendant, volcanic frozen fire

Bead artist Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Peacock necklace

Dragonfly. Jewelry by Bead artist Svetlana Ovintsovskaya


Swan lake. Decoration by Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Swan lake

Stunning bead jewelry by Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Stunning bead jewelry

Art Jewelry by Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Art Jewelry by Ovintsovskaya

Gold fish. Necklace

Gold fish. Necklace

Owl necklace

Owl necklace

Elephant. Jewelry by Svetlana Ovintsovskaya


Bead decoration by Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Bead decoration

Twilight necklace. Jewelry art by Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Twilight necklace

A cat. Jewelry art by Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

A cat

Underwater world necklace. Jewelry by Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Underwater world necklace

Sea world necklace. Jewelry art by Svetlana Ovintsovskaya

Sea world necklace