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Beautiful Jewish women

Amanda Peet. Beautiful Jewish women

Amanda Peet (born. Jan. 11, 1972, New York, USA) – American actress. Her mother Penny Levy – Jewish. Amanda Peet is married to an American writer and producer David Benioff of Jewish origin, who is the creator of the famous series “Game of Thrones”. Beautiful Jewish women

About Beautiful Jewish women spread legends. Imperious, demanding and grumpy – ironically characterize them their own husbands. And they say that they have three things: shlimazl-husband, a brilliant child, and they are a little overweight. The woman for the Jewish people is not of secondary importance. The fact is known that the nationality of the Jews is determined by the mother. The Talmud says: “An unmarried man will never reach perfection, because of the women are all blessings.” The girl in the family – an absolute guarantee that the future heirs will be the Jews, regardless of nationality of their father. This post presents the most beautiful Jewish women, compiled on the basis of understanding of Judaism, which is cited above. My rating doesn’t include Jewish by father, or who did not accept Judaism, but includes Jewish women by a Jewish mother.

Oksana Fandera. Beautiful Jewish women

Oksana Fandera (b. Nov. 7, 1967, Odessa) – Russian actress. Her father, Oleg Fandera – actor, half Ukrainian, half-gypsy, mother – Jewish

Paradox: in spite of the Israeli matriarchy, the married woman, as well as in other countries, obediently takes her husband’s name. The head of the clan is still a man. And a woman – beloved mother and adviser. It’s hard to find a happier mother than Jewish. Their authority is simply unmoved. Mom to even her fifty-year-old son will always be the closest person whose words are often the ultimate truth. No wonder the people joke that the most beloved woman for a Jew – his mother.

Coral Simanovich. Beautiful Jewish women

Coral Simanovich – Israeli model

Jewish thinker Maharal wrote that woman was created on a higher spiritual level than a man, and therefore does not need corrections that a man needs. It is for this reason the role of women in religious life is limited to observance of the commandments. Torah study – business of men.

Maya Plisetskaya. Beautiful Jewish women

Maya Plisetskaya

Maya Plisetskaya – Soviet and Russian ballet dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer and actress, People’s Artist of the USSR. She was born on November 20, 1925 in Moscow to a Jewish family: father – a famous economist Mikhail Emmanuilovich Plisetsky, mother – silent film actress Rachel M. Messerer.

Tatiana Samoilova. Beautiful Jewish women

Tatiana Samoilova

Tatiana Samoilova (May 4, 1934, Saint Petersburg – May 4, 2014) – Soviet and Russian actress, best known for the role of Veronica in the film “The Cranes Are Flying” (1957). From an interview by Tatiana Samoilova: “We are of mixed blood with my brother. Our mum – full-blooded Jew, and our father – a purebred Russian.” Also, the actress said that it was from a Jewish mother she inherited a little slanted eyes.

Mila Kunis. Beautiful Jewish women

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis – American actress. Born August 14, 1983 in Chernovtsy (Ukraine) to a Jewish family. In 1991 the family emigrated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles. One of the most important roles of the actress in the film – the role of a ballerina Lily in the film “Black Swan” (2010), where she was paired with another well-known Jewish – Natalie Portman. The film was directed by Darren Aronofsky, who is also a Jew by nationality.

Alexandra Cohen. Beautiful Jewish women

Alexandra Cohen

Alexandra Cohen (born. Oct. 26, 1984, Westwood, United States), better known as Sasha Cohen – American figure skater, Olympic silver medalist in 2006 and two-time silver medalist at the World Championships (2004, 2005). Sasha’s father – an American Jew, and her mother – Ukrainian Jew

Ksenia Rappoport. Beautiful Jewish women

Ksenia Rappoport

Ksenia Rappoport (born. March 25, 1974, St. Petersburg) – Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia. From an interview with Ksenia Rappoport, “I feel like a Jew and never hid”

Candice Night. Beautiful Jewish women

Candice Night

Candice Izralou, better known as Candice Night – American singer, vocalist and songwriter of folk-rock band Blackmore’s Night, the wife of the famous English rock musician Richie Blackmore. She was born May 8, 1971 in New York City in a family of descendants of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire. A follower of Judaism.

Alicia Silverstone. Beautiful Jewish women

Alicia Silverstone

Bar Hefer. Beautiful Jewish women

Bar Hefer (b. 1995, Petach Tikva, Israel) – Israeli model, the First Vice-Miss Israel 2013

Elina Avraamovna Bystritskaya. Beautiful Jewish women

Elina Avraamovna Bystritskaya

Elina Avraamovna Bystritskaya – an outstanding Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, People’s Artist of the USSR. In 1999, a survey of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Elina Bystritskaya recognized her as “the most beautiful woman of the past century.” Born April 4, 1928 in a Jewish family.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor – British-American actress. She was born on February 27, 1932 in London. Her parents were Americans who worked in England. Her father had Jewish roots, her mother – Swiss. Elizabeth Taylor was brought up in the spirit of Christianity, but in 1959, at the age of 27-years old, converted to Judaism, received the Hebrew name Elisheva Rachel. The actress said that adopted the Jewish religion, as Christianity was not able to resolve her questions about life and death. Her third husband (he died in 1958) was a Jew.

Esther Petrack. Beautiful Jewish women

Esther Petrack

Esther Petrack – American model. She was born on March 31, 1992 in Jerusalem. A follower of orthodox modernism in Judaism

Gal Gadot. Beautiful Jewish women

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot – Israeli actress and model, Miss Israel 2004, was born April 30, 1985 in Rosh Ain (Israel). Her parents – Sabra, ie Jews born in Israel. In 2016 released film “Batman vs Superman: At the dawn of justice” where Gadot play comics heroine Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman).

Gwyneth Paltrow. Beautiful Jewish women

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow – American actress. She was born on September 27, 1972 in Los Angeles. Her father – a Jew, a descendant of the well-known rabbinical kind Paltrovich. Mother – German. Gwyneth Paltrow considers herself a Jew and raising children (son Moses and daughter Apple) in the tradition of Judaism, despite the fact that her ex-husband and the father of her children, a musician of the band Coldplay, Chris Martin, is a Christian.

Hedy Lamarr. Beautiful Jewish women

Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr (real name – Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler) – Austrian and American actress. She was born November 9, 1914 in Vienna into a Jewish family. Actress (then still under the real name Kiesler) became famous in 1933, starring in the Czechoslovak-Austrian film “Ecstasy”, which became the first film that includes a long nude scene, as well as sexual intercourse and female orgasm. The actress died on January 19, 2000 in the United States.



Sarah L. Manahimova, better known by the stage name of Jasmine – Russian singer. She was born on October 12, 1977 in Derbent in the family of the Mountain Jews (Jewish sub-ethnic group of the Northern and Eastern Caucasus)

Jennifer Connelly. Beautiful Jewish women

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly (born. Dec. 12, 1970, New York, USA) – American actress. Her father – a Catholic with Irish and Norwegian roots, her mother – a Jew (her ancestors – immigrants from Poland and Russia).

Lauren Bacall. Beautiful Jewish women

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall (September 16, 1924, New York – August 12, 2014) – American actress, recognized by the American Film Institute one of the greatest actresses in the history of Hollywood. Parents of Lauren Bacall – the Jews, she is the cousin to Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzie (Elizabeth) Kaplan / Lizzy Caplan – American actress who starred in films and television series. Among her recent works can be noted the role of the famous American sexologist Virginia Johnson in the TV series “Masters of Sex” (2013-2014). Born June 30, 1982 in Los Angeles, to a Jewish family, professing Reform Judaism.

Lynn Zukerman - Israeli model, contestant of Miss Israel 2013

Lynn Zukerman – Israeli model, contestant of Miss Israel 2013

Margarita Levieva

Margarita Levieva

Margarita Levieva – American actress, earlier – a professional gymnast. Born on February 9, 1980 in St. Petersburg, Russia, in a Jewish family. In 1991, she and her family moved to New York City

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926, Los Angeles, CA – August 5, 1962) – American actress and singer. Birth name – Norma Jean Mortenson. Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism July 1, 1956. The reason became her third marriage to writer Arthur Miller, a Jew by birth. After her divorce and until her death did not abandon Judaism

Moran Atias

Moran Atias

Moran Atias – Israeli actress and model. Born April 9, 1981 in Haifa (Israel), in the family of Moroccan Jews. Moran has a younger sister Shani, who is also in this ranking

Natalie Portman

Beautiful Jewish women. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman (real name – Hershlag) – American actress. Born in Jerusalem, June 9, 1981 to a Jewish family. Natalie has dual citizenship: American and Israeli. She is married to dancer Benjamin Millepied (they met while filming “Black Swan”), a Jew by birth. Their wedding took place in the traditions of Judaism.

Beautiful Jewish women. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Beautiful Jewish women. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Beautiful Jewish women. Scarlett Johansson

Beautiful Jewish women. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson (born. Nov. 22, 1984, New York) – American actress and singer. Her father – Danish descent, and her mother – a Jew of Ashkenazi (sub-ethnic group of Jews that emerged in Central Europe), her ancestors came to the United States from Minsk, Soviet Union. Scarlett considers herself Jewish.

Susanna Hoffs

Beautiful Jewish women. Susanna Hoffs

Susanna Hoffs – singer and guitarist of the American band The Bangles. She was born on January 17, 1959 in Los Angeles, to a Jewish family.

Tahounia Rubel

Beautiful Jewish women. Tahounia Rubel

Tahounia Rubel – Israeli model, winner of the Israeli version of the show “Big Brother.” She was born on February 20, 1988 in Ethiopia, at the age of 3 years old, she and her family, including 14 325 Ethiopian Jews were evacuated to Israel as part of the military operation “Solomon”.

Tal Benyerzi

Beautiful Jewish women. Tal Benyerzi

Tal Benyerzi, known simply by the name of Tal – French pop and R & B singer. Born in Israel December 12, 1989 to a Jewish family (her father – a Moroccan Jew, mother – Yemeni Jew). When Tal (her name is translated from Hebrew as “morning dew”) was a year old, the family moved to France.

Yityish Aynaw

Beautiful Jewish women. Yityish Aynaw

Yityish Aynaw – Israeli model, Miss Israel 2013 born in Ethiopia. Belongs to the Ethiopian Jews. 12-year-old Yityish Aynaw moved to Israel, where she became the first black woman to win the title of “Miss Israel”.

Beautiful Jewish women