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Cornflower in photography and painting

Cornflower in photography and painting. Cornflowers, artist Alexey Shalaev

Painting by artist Alexey Shalaev. Beautiful Cornflower in photography and painting

Cornflower in photography and painting
This small annual flowering plant in the family Asteraceae, native to Europe, Russia, Canada is a weed in fact. But for many centures it inspires artists, photographers to create beautiful images, paintings. It makes poets write lyrics, it makes us admire beautiful cornflower fields. This simple flower inspires even politicians – it is the national flower of Estonia, Germany, the symbol of the Estonian, Finnish, Swedish political partes. Now, imagine yourself in a wild field of light blue cornflowers, surrounded by their hushed beauty.

Cornflower in photography and painting

Landscape with cornflowers

Cornflower blue

by Indian Comma Bean

Delicate eyes
of cornflower blue,
A whimsical guise
That sees right through you.

She painted flowers, humming;
With her acoustic guitar,
Picking and Strumming;
Music leaping like a shooting star.

She made imaginary snow angels
In the long soft grass,
While her mind and soul
Made each moment last.

For the sun never set
When this girl was dancing,
The moon not a threat,
As the deer came prancing.

The day dragged on, taking its toll,
As her body seemed to shudder, outdone.
She sighed relief as her legs came to stroll,
She said her goodnight to the lingering sun…

Only then, disappearing over the emerald knoll.

Cornflower in photography and painting