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Currency World Maps

World Maps Created with Currency, Asia

Asian countries. World Maps Created with Currency

First of all, Currency World Maps are the creation of Swedish artists from the design studio Bedow. The founder of the studio – creative director Perniclas Bedow shared his artwork in a group The310Investigator of Reddit social network. Meanwhile, the map is quite extraordinary. The map, in particular, features currencies of various countries. For example, the coins (3,000 coins) or banknotes of each country represent it on the same map. In fact, with the handy use of photo manipulation, the artists created a giant money jigsaw puzzle.

Currency World Maps. Africa

African countries. Currency Map

Reddit user, known as The310Investigator, cut the different banknotes into the shape of their respective countries and placed them together like a giant money jigsaw puzzle. By the way, it took the artist 12 hours of digital labor to create a colorful world we live in.

Currency World Maps