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Beautiful Jewelry Earcuffs


Massive gold tone Dragon decorates the ear. Beautiful jewelry Earcuffs

Beautiful Jewelry Earcuffs – a kind of earrings that do not require penetration and allow not only to decorate the lobe, but also all ears, and neck, the hair and forehead. They are mounted behind the ear or bow, or with a clamp on the upper or middle part of the ear. Beautiful Jewelry Earcuffs – the most important novelty is 2012-2013, which captured the imagination of celebrities, fashion designers, and of course, stylish girls and boys throughout the universe. Common choices for jewelry earcuffs – silver and gold, titanium, copper, and other metals can be used as well. The potential for allergic reaction is less of a concern than with earrings, because the ear cuff does not penetrate the body.

Jewelry Earcuffs

Russian singer Glukoza wearing Earcuff earrings

There is another type of mounting earrings Cuff – a shackle around your ear. These fixtures provide an opportunity to wear even the most overall Cuff, decorated with feathers, stones and chains.

Earcuffs hold on the ear with its natural curves, they are very convenient: do not press and do not fall off. Among Earcuffs pros the large variety of beautiful Cuffs, easy to choose the model, both for office work, and for the party.

The only source of information about ancient Earcuffs was the film “Alexander”. About the beautiful jewelry of ancient India can be easily judged by today’s Indian wedding jewelry, because Hindus revere tradition, especially in the important moments of life.

Thus, from antiquity to the present day in India there are three types of Earcuffs: clamp on top of the ear, with a ring of beads or chains, ear and all the envelopes with the chain, fixing the top of the ear to the hair.

Earcuffs in the Indian style is very popular the last two years: they come in summer 2012 collection of Chanel, they were released, many fashion brands. In the 40’s were famous BTE Earcuffs with stars and wings. These earrings look so important that no one will think that this is a real rarity. The proof of the relevance of these earrings are the jewelry of today’s designers.

50 years – a period of chanting female beauty and luxury. In fashion were BTE Cuff, adorned with jewels. It seems that this form of jewelers deliberately chosen to decorate the temples and ears of the maximum allowable number of precious stones.

Again, Earcuffs in vogue in the ’80s, during this period, there were two jewelry brands that specialized in Cuff: Marty Magic, and Ear Charms. Brands still exist and their products are in constant demand.

Last summer and fall became popular Earcuffs from Anni Jurgenson. Behind-the-cuffs with feathers of various sizes, they are strikingly fit into a variety of styles: ethnic, romantic, rocker, youth.

First Earcuffs became popular back in 2009 when, due to the union of two brands: Lovemade and Han Cholo appeared behind-the-Cuff-snake with a long chain from the neck to mid back.

The most popular brand, producing Earcuffs in the form of animals is Marty Magic. Most Earcuffs with crystals are the attributes of high fashion.

Over the past couple of years they appeared in the collections of Marios Schwab (2010), Richard Nicoll (2011), Undercover (2012).

Many brands produce small Earcuffs in ethnic style – they have pointed out a rough shape, though they were created a couple of millennia ago.

Beautiful Jewelry Earcuffs