Elephant fish fake and real

Elephant fish fake and real. this elephant fish image appeared on the net
Such a funny elephant fish image appeared on the net. Elephant fish fake and real

Elephant fish fake and real
The above photo depicts Elephant fish, fake, not real. The image shared on a social site, many people take this image as a real elephant fish. However, it is not. The distant relative of sharks, skates and stingrays Elephant fish also has such names as Silver Trumpeter, Whitefish (in Australia), Makorepe, and Reperepe (in Maori). Noteworthy, its scientific name is Callorhinchus Milii. Traditionally, The elephant fish lives in deep water off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand, but migrates annually into shallow coastal bays to lay their eggs. And this yellow image of Elephant Fish, so liked on the net, is just a work of Photoshop.

elephant fish caught by happy fisherman
This is how the elephant fish looks. caught by a happy fisherman

Silver-grey above, with darker blotches, silvery-white below, skin smooth, The plough or hoe-like extension of the nose distinguishes the Elephant Fish from other Chimaeras or Ghost Sharks.

Real elephant fish, not Photoshop
And this is the real elephant fish, no Photoshop used

They move into shallow estuaries and bays over Spring and Summer when females migrate inshore to lay their egg capsules. Often caught in the Outer Sounds over late Summer and through to late Autumn where spawning seems later than other areas.

Elephant fish fake and real

Photoshopped elephant fish
Often shared on a social sites, photoshopped elephant fish
elephant fish, work of creative photoshoppers
Creative approach to reality, elephant fish, work of photoshoppers
fake elephant fish
Absolutely unreal, though amazing, elephant fish

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