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Huichol beadwork sculptures

Huichol beadwork sculptures

An owl with a human face. Mexico colorful bead art. Huichol beadwork sculptures

Huichol beadwork sculptures
Originally Native American art, glass beads have been in use for almost five centuries there. Today a variety of beading styles flourishes. Jalisco and Nayarit, Mexico Huichol Indians have a unique approach to bead-work. Meanwhile, the unifying factor of the work is the colorful decoration using symbols and designs which date back centuries. Besides, most native bead-work intended for tribal use, however, bead-workers also create conceptual work for the art world.
Traditionally, Huichol beaded products are applique: glass, plastic or metal beads glued to the wooden form covered with beeswax. Usually, pictures of animals, masks, and bowls. In them, as in other subjects of Huichol art, are recognized mythological religious characters and plots.

Colorful bead sculptures, Mexico Huichol art

A cat and a kitten. Mexico Huichol art

Meanwhile, Huichol have their own idea about the origin of the world and the history of people embodied in myths, art and rituals. Thus, myth is a model for any action, so Huichol people sow, hunt and make the same ceremonies that their ancestors made​​. According to their beliefs, the world has a sacred dimension, having great power, and the priests mara’akate penetrate into it, to establish a link between the two worlds – of gods and men.

Indeed, Huichol people live in a world permeated by magical bonds. For them, there are five areas: the four cardinal points and the fifth, spiritual source of strength and enlightenment. Between man and nature, equilibrium is established: corn die without a man, a man dies without corn. Therefore, “when the farmer puts grain into the ground, he establishes a connection with the sacred plants and all the vital forces of nature.

Unfortunately, now Huichol country dies. Forests are dying, clean water becomes scarce, the animals disappear. Disease and poverty soars everywhere. To date, the sale of such works is practically the only way of survival of the tribe.

Huichol beadwork sculptures