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Hyper-realistic painting by Tjalf Sparnaay

Hyperrealistic painting by Tjalf Sparnaay

Still life with a wine-glass. Hyper-realistic painting by Tjalf Sparnaay, Dutch artist

Hyper-realistic painting by Tjalf Sparnaay
Born in 1954 in Haarlem, Netherlands, Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay is the author of these beautiful oil paintings of tasty still life. They are amazingly hyper-realistic and look like photographs. Meanwhile, London based artist Sparnaay is an expert in painting throwaway items. For example, a bag of chips and discarded Cola cans, removing the items from their environment, and turning them into textured works of art. Besides, Tjalf Sparnaay, undoubtedly talented self-taught artist considers and calls his style “Mega-Realism”.

realistic painting by Tjalf Sparnaay

Fast food breakfast. Hyperrealistic painting by Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay

Hyper-realistic painting by Tjalf Sparnaay