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Beautiful Jewellery Theatre decorations

Beautiful Jewellery Theatre decorations

The Sun and the Moon pendant brooch. Diamonds, yellow sapphires, gold sapphires, red sapphires, yellow gold. Beautiful Jewellery Theatre decorations

Beautiful Jewellery Theatre decorations
Russian Jewellery House “Jewellery Theatre” has been successfully working on the jewelry market in Russia since 1998. However, it started as a private VIP studio to supply boutique in downtown Moscow. Meanwhile, Jewellery created in the style of Art Jewellery is in great demand both on the domestic market and abroad. Exquisite pieces created by Jewellery Theatre are in public and private collections in Russia and abroad. In particular, France, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Spain and Italy.

Russian Jewelry art by "Jewelry Theatre"

Russian Jewelry art by “Jewelry Theatre”

Baroque pearls framed by diamond’s scattering around recall the purple of ripen hips. Original laces of golden leaves embellished by inserted tourmalines, aquamarines and royal black pearls of Tahiti. The whimsical pattern of the first ice is formed with large diamonds and delicate branches of blackened gold interlace impressively on the sapphire background of autumn sky. The Jewelry collection ‘Autumn’ embodies the idea of time transience and philosophical meditations on the meanings and symbols.

Due to the meeting of two talented people, artists and jewelers – Irina and Maxim Dorofeev Ascension, was born the idea of creating jewelry at home. It was soon discovered by the first studio, which created the first masterpieces of jewelry art.

Noteworthy, Jewellery Theatre is the only jewelry house in Russia, which has received international recognition, as evidenced by the many years of successful performances at international exhibitions.
Rings, pendants and brooches are absolutely unique, and inspired by the mythological characters of Russian fairy tales.

Beautiful Jewellery Theatre decorations