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Kotakoti Barbie doll comes to life

Kotakoti Barbie doll comes to life

Beautiful Dakota – Kotakoti Barbie doll comes to life

Kotakoti Barbie doll comes to life

Delicate facial features, puffy lips and big eyes, slim figure – the real Barbie looks that way!
Undoubtedly, in childhood, all the girls play with dolls and dream to be like them when grow up.
Meanwhile, twenty-year-old American girl named Kotakoti (Dakota) did it! According to her photographs, the girl looks like a real Barbie doll! In fact, her pictures literally blew up the Asian and Arab social networks.
Traditionally, doll appearance is very popular in Japan, China and Korea. On the local TV stations repeatedly tell about the girl-phenomenon, presenting her as a living doll.

Kotakoti (Dakota)

American Barbie doll Kotakoti (Dakota)

Barbie has a toxic influence on female children who can’t tell the reality from illusions, because the doll sends the wrong message to female children who mistake the anatomically fantastic Barbie dolls as the true ideal of beauty. People can tell the reality from illusions.

Doctors warn that too much emphasis on physical appearance from an early age could have disastrous consequences, encouraging anxiety, depression and eating disorders, later in life.

Women trying to have more “innocent”, “childish”, “doll like” look, by using make up, fake eyelashes & contact lenses. In the most extreme cases they dressing up – mix of Victorian & “aliсe wonderland” clothes, piercings, white bleached hair, slut style make up & clothes.

However, in the early photographs the girl does not look like a doll at all 🙂

Kotakoti Barbie doll comes to life