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Loneliness in the net 2006 film

2006 film S@motnosc w sieci, Loneliness in the net. Movie poster

Poster. Polish film “S@motnosc w sieci”, or Loneliness in the net 2006 film

Loneliness in the net 2006 film
The author of the film “S@motnosc w sieci” 9English – “Loneliness in the net”) is Witold Adamek, Polish director and operator.
Eva (played by Maria Aguero) lives in Poland, and Jakub in Germany. As often happens in modern life, they accidentally get acquainted thanks to the global network. They begin to communicate via the Internet, through e-mail and ICQ. Meanwhile, the more they talk, the more they approach to each other, beginning to fall in love… Finally, they decide to meet in real life. But all is not as it should be.
The author also describes the life of each of them “out of the network” – friends, family, work, preferences in music. After a long virtual communication, the characters meet in Paris, and soon after they face trials that will play a major role in their relationship and the life of each of them.
According to annotation to the film, “From all that is eternal, love has the shortest period”.

2006 film S@motnosc w sieci, Loneliness in the net

Maria Aguero as Eva. 2006 film S@motnosc w sieci, Loneliness in the net

They met in the network from lack of understanding, from unhappy love and not very happy life. Next, they share with each other all those that will never tell those who are around. They are lonely. They talk to each other all their secrets, because when you do not see the interlocutor tell him everything is easier and bolder than when you look in the eyes. They sent gifts to each other, as a material confirmation of their virtual world.

Unfortunately, when they met, they realized that everything is not what they expected. Their magical world collapsed as soon as they met.

She wakes every morning with a smile
on her face.
She felt his love in her sleep.
Dreamed of his embrace.

Although she’s never met his body.
His heart she does feel.
Anytime she has loved before.
Has never felt so real.

There is no explanation for it.
Not one has she yet found.
But OMG the feeling she gets when
he is around.

Although it may end tomorrow.
The memory will not fade.
For in her heart a life long friend.
She feels that she has made.

She hopes it last forever.
She prays that they do meet.
She dreams of the day her online love.
sweeps her off her feet.

Loneliness in the net 2006 film