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Most beautiful Russian stewardess 2015

Most beautiful Russian stewardess 2015

Most beautiful Russian stewardess 2015 – Beauty contest for female flight attendants. November 2014, Moscow

The second national selection of the “Top Most Beautiful Russian stewardess 2015” has begun. For ordinary people, a flight attendant – a beautiful image, which consists of constant travel, adventure, caring, bright emotions. But behind all this – hard work. Stewardesses should have perfect health, know a few foreign languages, be always nice and neat in any situation, remain calm and smile to passengers. They must know perfectly rescue equipment, act quickly in emergency situations and be able to provide first aid. They wear high-heeled shoes during all the flight, their work schedule does not know holidays and does not distinguish between day and night. And still, they love their work, they are a face and pride of airlines and the country.

The final of beauty competition, 2014

The final of beauty competition. November 2014, Moscow

The first beauty contest among most beautiful stewardesses was held November 29, 2014 in Moscow. For 6 months stewardesses were selected for the unique event (both – for airlines and our country). In the first National beauty contest for female flight attendants took part 467 participants, representatives of 15 country’s airlines (Aeroflot, Transaero, UTair, S7 Airlines, Russia, Ural Airlines, Nordwind Airlines and others). The event was featured by the country’s largest media (Channel One, Russia 1, Ren-TV, Arguments and Facts, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Europa Plus, Cupcake-FM, Onboard magazines). The audience of the event included more than 50 million people.

Stewardess is not just a girl who brings in-flight coffee. At that moment, when she gives you a smile, eighth in a row of cups, she knows what you do not know. For example, a flight attendant knows how to behave in difficult and extreme situations. She knows how to save lives: she was taught how to always keep the face. Whatever happens in her life, the personal attendant always leaves behind. Perhaps, handing you a coffee, she is going through her husband’s infidelity, and her mother is sick, but you do not have a chance to guess it. The flight attendant is never in a bad mood, and she knows exactly what to do on board in any situation.

Occupation of stewardess requires a certain character, and this character is very nice. Of course, the beauty contest among women with iron endurance and impeccable manners – a very interesting event. In 2014 for the title of Queen of heaven competed 450 contestants. The title of the most beautiful stewardess won “Aeroflot” flight attendant Daria Kovshik. The winner of the competition is not a professional model or actress, but she really looks like the world level model.

The second national selection of the most beautiful stewardesses “TOP MOST BEAUTIFUL RUSSIAN stewardess 2015” has begun. The project committee invite the most beautiful, graceful and talented Russian flight attendants. The project aims – popularization of flight attendant profession; acquaintance of the audience with the most romantic and beautiful work, to show flight attendants as professionals in their field. The first auditions – 17, 18 April 2015 in Moscow.

Most beautiful Russian stewardess 2015