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Sapphire blue light

Sapphire blue light

Stunningly beautiful pendant. Sapphire blue light

Sapphire blue light
According to the Orthodox religion, Sapphire means peace and closeness to the heavens. That’s why domes of many churches have Sapphire color. In addition, the beautiful blue gemstone decorates the salaries of icons, crosses, and various church utensils. Meanwhile, according to astrologists, Sapphire is the stone of people born under the sign of Sagittarius. So, Sagittarius women – advised to wear a brooch or a pendant with this stone to enhance the appeal. And for Sagittarius males sapphire gives confidence and desire to achieve their goals. Also, the stone is favorable for all, born in May and February.
Noteworthy, Sapphire refers to Guardian Angel. According to belief, the Sapphire blue light attracts guardian angels, and it is good for people born in May and December.

Sapphire bracelet

Precious diamond and Sapphire bracelet. Sapphire blue light


In fact, folk medicine uses sapphire to treat many diseases. According to belief, Sapphire has an effect on the heart chakra. Used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, it is more effective in a ring or a bracelet, worn on a left hand.

Besides, constant wearing any jewelry with sapphire helps get rid of asthma and neurological diseases.
If there are any problems with the eyes, put a gem into a glass of water, then use this water.
Also, this stone is a powerful tool in the kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections.
Amazing, sapphire has the ability to heal wounds, women’s diseases, heart disease, and rheumatic heart disease.
In some countries, people use this mineral against diseases of the ear, skin diseases, and leprosy.
Sapphire enhances the effectiveness of chemical treatments and natural medicines.
Noteworthy, to prevent the disease and for better treatment of the existing disease you need constantly to wear ring with a sapphire.

STONE OF KINGS – Sapphire blue light

Buddhist legend tells of a high four-sided mountain of precious stones, located under the pole star at the pole of the world. And the side facing the world of men, composed of blue sapphires, so supposedly the sky above us is blue. According to Muslim legend, the mountain chain of sapphires surrounds the human world and giving the sky blue glow. That’s why these stones – called “heavenly spray.”

Sapphire blue light