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Holy, Healing and Inspiring Sapphire

Holy, Healing and Inspiring Sapphire

According to Russian writer Kuprin, “Some of them are similar to the color of cornflowers in wheat, the others to the autumn sky, some to sea in clear weather”. Holy, Healing and Inspiring Sapphire

Holy, Healing and Inspiring Sapphire
Meaning from Greek “sappheiros” blue stone, is one of the varieties of the mineral corundum, precious stone of different hues, but mostly blue. Sapphire is one of the four major precious stones, rock and soul of autumn. It is an indicator of female constancy, a symbol of virginity, love of truth and goodness, purity of conscience and remorse. In addition to the usual blue color, Sapphire can be orange, yellow, green and pink colors (called “Fancy sapphires“) and colorless (“leucosapphire“). Highly prized as “star”, varieties of sapphire have a pronounced effect of asterism (star-shaped appearance of the figure in light of the crystal).


Attributed the ability to protect its owner from harassment, imprisonment and death. Inspiring Sapphire

Most valued color for Sapphire – cornflower, blue color.
Water sapphire – called by the color of the mineral cordierite.

More transparent than the glass, harder than the metal,
The greatest miracle of beauty,
that gives joy and peace –
SAPPHIRE – our mineral is called
Rubin’s brother, but not in the color,
More blue than the sky above the mountains,
More blue than the ice of the Arctic latitudes
Like Ruby, at the price it costs.
In nature, the blue stones are rare.
They shine like a field cornflower,
In the open spaces of generous Russian side,
So this gem pristine and pure,
As the passion that has gone out, quench your thirst.
It grew up in the arms of complete silence.”

Knapweed flower, blooms Sapphire,
Fairy Tale of Fairies, peacock eye,
Laughter blue, clear, naivy,
Memorable, lovely world …
You, Sapphire, the flower! Flowers!
Let me find the old time! ”
K. Balmont

In both India and China blue sapphire symbolized something cosmic. According to the eastern belief, the vessel made of sapphire, can elevate even a very good drink, poured into it. Because the stone is petrified drink of immortality, previously available only for the gods.

According to historical sources, rulers of the past wore rings with sapphires. For example, Alexander of Macedon, as well as Mary Stuart used such decoration.

In astrology, sapphire embodies September as a symbol of clarity of thought, and the sign of Taurus, symbolizing the divine grace, happiness and peace.

Sapphire was considered the most “spiritual” of all the stones and its blue color signified the heavenly bliss.

Naturally, all this applies only to sapphires of perfect purity, free from cracks and muddy areas. However, stones with defects can bring trouble and sorrow.

On trust the world stands,
Betrayal ends with peace.
The blue sapphire ring you wear
Honor all of your secrets galore.
It doesn’t care about my suffering.
Precious ally fraud
it shines in the rays of gold,
Without some kind of imperfection.
But up close, at the core of it
Look closely! Wormholes cracks.
Perhaps because the hardest thing
Finding them in the hearts of our women.
Sapphire is your heart, but yet I
And it is not without sin, so if –
The crack reflects lies
And my brokenheart pain. ”
S. Moskalev

Beware of the yellow light and red lights
If you love the sacred Sapphire!
Through the radiance of a blissfully azure stones
Deity is emitted in the world.

Oh, I had a blue soul –
Clear stone Sapphire safirot!
And find out about it, that it is good
And they came to the grotto commanded.

In the early days they had given up my soul
Golden sun-rays, the young –
And the whole day in the emerald green paradise
I was looking for an unknown temple!

They threw in the evening my soul
Evil flame red fire .-
And all night in sorrowful purple edge
I buried the dead, the gods!

In Emerald, Amethyst dead in the days and nights
Chained azure world …
Fear of yellow light and red lights
If you love the sacred Sapphire! ”

(Hope Taffy. “Sapphire”)

Also, sapphire served well to spies, because, after a magical ritual, it gives its owner super abilities. In particular, not only acute hearing, but also the ability to read minds.

Meanwhile, the Egyptians believed – sapphire gives the opportunity to understand the language of plants and animals.

Holy, Healing and Inspiring Sapphire