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Secrets of popularity of the leading jewelry brands

Secrets of popularity of the leading jewelry brands. Cartier – the jeweler of kings and king of jewelers

Cartier – the jeweler of kings and king of jewelers. Secrets of popularity of the leading jewelry brands

Secrets of popularity of the leading jewelry brands
Undoubtedly, the dream of all jewelery brands – to become the official supplier to the royal court. And Cartier, who worked in the Art Deco style, has won the hearts of many monarchs, including the family of Windsor. Back in 1900 Prince of Wales and future King Edward VII in the boutique brand in Paris, said: “Cartier – the jeweler of kings and king of jewelers”.
This company has created 27 Tiara for the coronation of King George VI in 1937, a brooch Edelweiss in 1952 for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Catherine Middleton appeared at the wedding ceremony with Prince William in a diamond tiara, created by Cartier in 1936 to the 18th anniversary of Elizabeth II.
Products of Cartier were favorite of the Queen Mary and Princess Margaret. However, the real passion for these ornaments had scandalous pair – the Dukes of Windsor. The former King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, an American who came to Cartier almost every two weeks, making the individual orders.

Cartier – the jeweler of kings and king of jewelers

Tiara and necklace. Cartier

In addition to the English monarchs, Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly adored Cartier. Her husband Rainier III had given her an engagement ring with a diamond-cut “Emerald” weighing 12 carats, after which the actress became famous regular customer of the brand.

Cartier Watches at various times were ordered by Maharaja of India, Siam, Arab sheiks. No wonder that today the jewelry house is in great demand among the rich and famous.

Proud Spanish royal court supports domestic producers Carrera y Carrera. This jewelry house has created the world famous Sword of Victory, decorated with the emblems of all the provinces of Spain. In addition, the tiara of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, donated by the Spanish royal family, Queen Fabiola of Belgium. Carrera y Carrera products constitute the bulk of caskets with the jewels of Mary Queen of Spain. The crowned heads of other countries are also very partial to the distinctive jewelry brands. And among its clients – the Queen of Thailand Sikirit, and Japanese princess. And a princess of Hungary Miriam even created a design of an entire collection.

The luxury of the princely court of Monaco – a byword. With the advent of Wittstock Charlene, a former athlete and champion of South African swimming, and now the legitimate wife of the Prince Albert II, appeared a new passion for jewelry. If the previous Princess Grace Kelly loved Cartier, then Charlene appreciates the art of known brand Van Cleef and Arpels.

Ocean Collection, created specifically for Wittstock and is a gift to his wife, as the embodiment of eternal love. Tiara is interesting because it can turn into a necklace. In the manufacture took more than 883 diamonds and 359 sapphires totaling 70 carats, blue-white color scheme. Asymmetrical necklace circles mimic the wavy sea waves. Besides, foam symbolizes the flow of diamonds cascading ripple spectrum. Rounding out the image of the pear-cut diamond 10, the largest of which weighs more than 4 carats.

Among the brands that have made a name on the orders of the representatives of the blue blood – Garrard and Co, Tiffany and Co, Prologue, Chaumet, Wartski, Asprey and others.

In fact, Black diamonds have become symbolic for the De Grisogono. Almost 20 years ago, company founder Fawaz Gruosi risked much and decided to create jewelry with them. As a result, diamonds of color noir increased their market price at least 20 times, making Fawaz rich and famous.

However, jewelry brands do not only spread the glory of the royal fanfare. The main thing – to find their “chip” DNA, which can accurately determine the jewelry. For example, Chopard has “floating” diamonds. Designer Ronald Kurowski sprinkled a few pinches of fine precious stones between two sapphire windows, the space between them filled with vacuum. The secret of “floating” diamonds, in the fact, that their number must necessarily be odd, otherwise it gets worse the play of light.

In turn, British jeweler Stephen Webster invented a technique of faceting gemstones Crystal Haze. Superimposed on the gem-cut rock crystal, they create an amazing light refraction, as if you look into the water.

Stephen Webster’s label for fantastically short period of time has made a name for the whole world. Meanwhile, these ornaments prefer many Hollywood stars. Among them Kate Moss, Pink, Naomi Campbell, Beckham couple, Nicolas Cage, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera.

In fact, cutting stone is playing a leading role in creating jewelry – where brands can not find an ideal form. The French company has patented a unique technique Korloff. Branded diamond-shining Korloff Cut 65 facets instead of the classic 57, and from this stone seems more true size.

Secrets of popularity of the leading jewelry brands