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Beautiful symbolic Snake jewelry

Snake jewelry

Beautiful symbolic Snake jewelryю Belle Epoque Magnificent Snake Bangle Gold Enamel Ruby Diamond

Beautiful symbolic Snake jewelry. It is not far off when we’ll all live in 2013, under the protection of Black water snake, and it’s a great opportunity to change life as if to leave the old skin for a new one. In festive attire should prevail silver, green, dark blue colors and their shades. But what kind of jewelry likes a new owner in 2013, Snake? First of all jewellery decorations should be conservative and thought out to the smallest detail. Do not skimp on the cheap jewelry. Well suited decorations made of natural stones, as snake loves stones and everything connected with them. First of all, especially good for the year Snake is a small beautiful brooch in the form of a snake.

gold bracelet

An English Victorian 15 karat gold bracelet with Persian turquoise and diamonds

A person born in the Year of the Snake, is the wisest and most mysterious of all, compared with other signs of the Chinese horoscope. It is possible that due to its hidden possibilities, he or she can become a philosopher, theologian, politician or financier. The snake – a man-thinker who likes to live well, love books, music, nice clothes and sophisticated food.
Snake conquers the world equally due to its poison and bewitching charm. Snake stands out in any crowd, her style is perfect in everything – from clothing to skills. Such a person can win over anyone who will be in her/his way, but, fortunately, usually behaves quite friendly and willing to come to help the victims of her own charm.

Beautiful symbolic Snake jewelry