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Snake massage – pleasure not for the faint hearted

Snake massage - pleasure not for the faint hearted

Exotic therapy. Snake massage – pleasure not for the faint hearted

Snake massage – pleasure not for the the faint of heart
In fact, the owner of the spa in Israel Ada Barak made almost impossible. In particular, he made the creeping reptiles, which the majority of people would like to see at a distance, massage the muscles of people. However, only if the clients can lull their disgust, fear, and, in general, all the negative feelings towards these reptiles. A Moscow spa is offering snake massage, an exotic for Russia and unusual relaxation treatment. Of course, the idea of reptile massage is not new, recognized long ago that after physical contact with a snake people become more relaxed. As the snakes slither around they massage the skin, but for some just the idea will make their skin crawl.

For massage are used non-poisonous snakes

Noteworthy, for massage – used non-poisonous snakes

Israeli Ara Barak was the first to offer this unusual therapy, which has spread from Israel to Moscow. Small snakes are said to help improve blood circulation and relaxation, and large ones are claimed to have a more profound impact, easing muscle and joint pain. Olga Lutovinova, snake massage therapist: “This procedure is relaxing. During tactile contact with man, snakes share their internal heat, despite the fact that this is a cold-blooded animal. But the most important thing is that snakes have a very strong power, with which they energize a person. After contact with a snake, man’s mood rises.”

In order to decide on a massage you should be really brave. Although in this procedure friendly snakes are used, but still with the teeth and bad mood, they may bite their “sacrifice.”

Meanwhile, Ada Barak is fully confident that his reptiles do with his customers something unimaginable. Besides, to massage the large muscles in the course there are large heavy snakes, for smaller – use a smaller snake. Such pleasure costs something $ 80.

Snake massage – pleasure not for the faint hearted