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Altai beautiful Teletskoye golden lake

Altai beautiful Teletskoye golden lake

The largest lake in the Altay Republic, Russia. Altai beautiful Teletskoye golden lake

Altai beautiful Teletskoye golden lake
Located in the middle of the mountains to the north of the Altai Republic Lake Teletskoye is the second by the reservoir of fresh water reserves in Russia after Lake Baikal. Its maximum depth is 325 m, length – about 78 kilometers and an average width – 3.2 kilometers. The local name for Teletskoye Lake is Altyn-Kul, which means “Golden Lake”.
In fact, about 80 streams and rivers flow into the lake, and only one flows out of it – Biya. Along with the river Katun they merge to form the Ob. Mountain rivers of Teletskoye flowing through the green shady ravines, have the purest water. So, you can drink it without fear.

Teletskoye the golden lake in Altai

Teletskoye (Golden Lake) the largest lake in the Altai Republic, Russia

Most of travel route, on foot and horseback, starts in the village Artybash, located on the northern tip of the lake. Here, there is a large number of resorts and campgrounds. On the opposite side is another large settlement area – the village Iogach.

Stone Bay is a small circular crater depth of 11 meters, connected with Lake by strait. There are many versions of the formation of this space, but it seems the most interesting theory is about the meteorite. In its favor say funnel-shaped rocks scattered along the Gulf of unusual form, and fused edges.

Spread on both banks of the Altai State Nature Reserve, established in 1932 and now ranks second after the Caucasus Nature Reserve on the species diversity of plants and animals. Within the reserve there are more than 1.5 thousand species of vascular plants, of which 20 species – listed as endangered in Russia. The reserve is home to 16 species of fish, 333 species of birds, 50 of which included the Red Book of Altai Republic, and 35 – in the Red Book of Russia. Of the 70 mammal species, 11 listed as endangered in Russia and the Altai Mountains.

The location at the crossroads of mountain ranges of the Altai and Sayan is the cause of the diversity of landscapes – from the boreal lowlands to alpine meadows. Noteworthy, the reserve and Teletskoye Lake since 1998 are the objects of the World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The banks of Stone Island, one of the two islands of Lake Teletskoye, in May covered with bright pink flowers of wild rosemary (it is called maralnik in the Altai). Because of this, and also because heart-shape, people call it the Island of Love.

On the lake there are about two thousand boats for tourists and fishermen. Fishing enthusiasts will be happy to sit with a heavy rod. Here, without much straining tourists can catch trout, which often reaches the five-foot length and 50-60 pounds of weight.

Meanwhile, the native legend states that the water of Golden Lake is sacred. As a result, even a short stay on the bank charges the person with positive energy for the long term. In addition, its water has one feature – the drowned people’s bodies remain eternally incorruptible.

According to scientists from the Institute of Hydrography of Sciences, at different depths in a lake fed by multiple keys, the water has different density and temperature. And since the lake is very narrow and water layers mixed to each other, it contains sunken objects for years, “hang” on the borders of these layers.

Sam Falls, located 100 meters from the lake at the foot of the ridge Korb. In order not to cause harm to plants, visitors are allowed to go only on special bridges. The area around the waterfall is adapted to the needs of tourists – there is a large gift shop and a couple of cafes where they are treated with a delicious smoked fish and chebureks (meat pies).

Meanwhile, in one of the eight cordons of Teletskoye Lake you can rent a house for the summer.

The lake water is always cool due to low water temperatures and strong winds. In bad weather on the lake can be quite severe storm, dangerous to people.

Organizers offer a holiday for everyone – a variety of impressive tour programs. For active tourism you can rent a mountain bike – cycling day in the neighborhood and long trips for a couple of days here are very popular.

Walking by catamaran – the perfect entertainment for those who like to spend time near the water and bask in the sun. To swim is comfortable only in the river Chulyshman – where the water temperature sometimes reaches 24 degrees.

In the Altai reserve live almost all the possible inhabitants of the forests and mountains of Siberia – a bear, lynx, otter, wolverine, sable, moose, deer, mountain sheep and roe deer. Away from the people on the slopes of the ridge Korb, the highest peak Altyn-Tuu, the impassable mountainous terrain snow leopards live. People rarely meet a Red snow leopard, very cautious and secretive predator. Most of the evidence of its presence in certain places – scratching, paw prints and traces of life. The last meeting of man and the snow leopard in the Altai Mountains, which became known, occurred in late May 2012, the previous – in December 2010.

Altai beautiful Teletskoye golden lake