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The Royal diamond collection is revealed

The Royal diamond collection. Princess Elizabeth, photographed at Clarence House

Beautiful Princess Elizabeth, photographed at Clarence House. The Royal diamond collection

Revealed for the first time, The Royal diamond collection includes priceless tiaras, necklaces and brooches. Meanwhile, these are the ‘other Crown Jewels’, the ones which do not reside in the Tower of London. In particular, they live at Buckingham Palace, or wherever the Queen happens to need them. However, these diamonds are not set in ceremonial regalia like orbs or scepters, restricted to royal rituals. They are ‘heirlooms of the Crown’, the Monarch’s personal jewels – handed down from Queen to Queen. And worn for everything – from a royal away-day to a family wedding or a state banquet.

The Lover’s Knot Brooch

The Lover’s Knot Brooch from the Royal diamond collection

The Royal diamond collection