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Weirdest dresses

LEDs dress. Weirdest dresses

LEDs dress. This masterpiece designed by Philips. Weirdest dresses

Weirdest dresses
If you are tense or angry – your dress will “blush”. And if you calm down – it will turn green. It consists of two layers: an inner layer defines the emotions change, body temperature, and sends a signal to the outer layer to change its color. Designers ideas are not limited when it comes to dresses. For creating dresses, designers use anything, from condoms to toilet papers, and even spider webs. British inventive designers Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley, created a silk harvesting machine, which was built after a blueprint that is over 100 years. The amazing cape made out of the silk of more than one million golden orb spiders. The insects were captured from the wild, harnessed to the machine and after the silk was collected, they were all released back to the wild where they belong. No animal was hurt or killed, and the result is a fantastic looking cape. 23,000 spiders are needed to produce 28g of silk, which is naturally golden, and it takes the insects one week to regenerate their stocks.

condom dresses

A condom dress

Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini chose to recycle thousands of quality-control-rejected condoms and use them for her dresses… She presented her designs in a show titled “Dress Up Against AIDS: Condom Couture”.

The dress called “Breaking the Condom Taboo” contains 700 condoms, created by a Vietnamese student, Nguyen Minh Tuan. According to him, he created the dress with a purpose – to raise awareness of the use of condoms among the Vietnamese people. Besides, Tuan thinks that the attitude of the Vietnamese towards sex and safe sex practices needs changing.

Nicole Dextras, a brilliant designer came up with a totally weird use for flowers and leafs. She used them to create dresses for those brave enough to go green all the way.

Weirdest dresses