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1960s pop star Nancy Sinatra

1960s pop star Nancy Sinatra

1960s pop star Nancy Sinatra

1960s pop star Nancy Sinatra
In the middle of the film by Stanley Kubrick «Full Metal Jacket» in frames of the colorful diversity of Saigon, the South Vietnamese capital, are heard the sounds of compelling import hits. Sprightly Asian prostitute desperately shaking her hips, crosses the street and moves to two American GI. Occupation radiohit was called «These Boots are Made for Walkin’», and it absolutely did not leave anybody indifferent. Nancy Sinatra sang it – fragile, beautiful mobile blonde. Just in boots and a miniskirt. Dyed bush of hair, penciled black eyelids, and songs beating exactly the bull’s-eye – this is how 60s America remember her. Sinatra was in Vietnam twice. She was even awarded a medal and still is recognized by veterans of the Vietnam War.

Nancy Sandra Sinatra (born 8 June 1940)

Nancy Sandra Sinatra (born 8 June 1940)

Stay in Vietnam (within the USO Tour), according to Nancy, has made an indelible impression on her. Now she regularly takes part in anti-war actions, speaks to veterans. Nancy Sinatra was the woman living in imagination of soldiers, that shed their blood fighting in Vietnam, singer, famous for performing the title theme to the “James Bond”, the one who effectively closed the sixties, that three decades later, gleaming armor, came back for more stage.

Who is Nancy Sinatra? Girl and woman …. She is so quiet that she forgets to breathe. And she may make such a racket that you would not hear the earthquake. She can get drunk from a glass of water. And she can make you believe that she is drunk of a glass of water. She is so forgetful, she did not remember what day follows Wednesday. And she can remember everything about a person from the party of May 1962. Lee Hazlewood (July 9, 1929 – August 4, 2007).

The impact that Nancy had on women’s artistic archetype, is difficult to overestimate. It is curious that the canonization, as always, was some time later, when “the impressed” generation has grown up. Her songs in different years played such diverse musicians as Entombed, Type O Negative, Slowdive, KMFDM, Lydia Lunch, Einstcrzende Neubauten, Primal Scream, Megadeth, The Corrs, Coil, My Dying Bride and The Ventures. This fate did not escape even Amanda Lear with Demis Roussos! Nancy Sinatra’s pop star will shine decades later. Deborah Harry, Sheryl Crow, Shirley Manson and Gwen Stefani have become direct followers of provocative and slightly mocking manner of singing of Nancy, her seductive femininity, combining the features of a teenager and fatal beauty.

Madonna told that when she, while still a young girl, was listening to «These Boots are Made for Walkin’», she wanted to jump in these “boots” and stomp-stomp-stomp … And Quentin Tarantino, musical selections of whom are now unconditionally picked up by the millions, gave a second life to the song «Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)» performed by Sinatra, in the soundtrack to his “Kill Bill”.

Fate was favorable to the singer. She did not die from drugs or alcohol and vanished into obscurity, despite the long break in professional activities. Evil tongues, however, argued that Nancy was always lucky with influential people – it supposedly was the only guarantee of her exceptional survivability on the stage. So in 2006 – 2009 she again struck all the album’s release, recorded with the active participation of the whole galaxy of stars of the first magnitude – Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker, John Spencer, Bono, Sonic Youth, and others. None of them occurred to oppose these ephemeral and purely conventional concepts – “rock” and “pop” as it’s happening in the national musical environment that is often affected by localism, rudeness and bad taste.

Pronouncing one of the most influential names in pop music, of course, impossible not to mention the name of her father – Frank Sinatra. The world learned of Nancy in 1944, when Frank performed his «Nancy (With the Laughing Face)», which he devoted to his four-year-old child. He led her to television in 1959, where Nancy met Elvis. Almost 10 years later fate will bring them even closer on the film «Speedway»; she will be the first singer sung on the album of King of Rock and Roll. Career of Nancy always somehow was connected with the movie. One example of this – the 1968 “James Bond” – the song «You Only Live Twice» and the active participation of Nancy in other movies, in particular, «The Wild Angeles» with Peter Fonda.

After her debut on the set and in the recording studio, a divorce with singer Tommy Sands, in 1965 a young Sinatra began finding her path in music. Meeting with an outstanding songwriter and producer Lee Hazlewood was far more momentous than her famous lineage. Her image changed – instead of a sweet, slightly naive girl on the stage appears energetic and willful sexy-trick. In 1966, the single «These Boots are Made for Walkin’» for fourteen weeks held the first position, and authorship of Hazlewood since marked almost all the hits of the singer.

Sinatra and Hazlewood did not miss the opportunity to sing a duet. Often these things took the form of dialogues, built on the contrast between the tart vocals of Lee and soft (but not disembodied) manner of Nancy. Friendship, loyalty, of course, love, and the whole history of the restless spirit of the creators of modern America is clear to us thanks to a few simple verses of a song «My Elusive Dreams»:
Nancy: I followed you to Texas, I followed you to Utah
Lee: We did not find it there, so we moved on …

Sinatra’s repertoire, meanwhile, was not confined to any one genre. And Hazlewood, in turn, was not only a skilled stylist, worshiping Wild West. Their rich in finds creative tandem gave the world and country Adventure, fun and go-go, and stately ballads. Songwriting talent of Hazlewood allowed him to bring an element of surprise in such seemingly quite obvious genres. No wonder it is the best, according to critics, the song «Some Velvet Morning» was named the “most bizarre” hit ever climb into the top 40. This thing never ceases to amaze the audience, even in our times of temptation.

Meanwhile, the era of the ’60s ended, and, apparently, the creative career of Nancy Sinatra. Her compositions are gradually disappearing from the charts. The image was changing, the songs were changing, giving way to a more lyrical way. In 1970 she married Hugh Lambert, choreographer with the noble aim to devote herself to the family hearth. In 1973 she released her latest full-length album «Woman», followed by a long break in thirty years. Long pause in the work of the singer was interrupted only a couple of times – with short-run singles releases for Private Stock Records, by and large and remained unknown to the general public. Interestingly, one of these “single” plates, «Kinky Love», because of “obscene” in 1976 was banned for radio broadcasts, but has gained popularity in the underground disco clubs.

In 1981, Nancy participated in the recording of country music of Singer Mel Tillis, but not in every biography of Sinatra mention these facts. Basically, these years were devoted to the education of daughters – Angela and Amanda.

Return to show business was due to various reasons, including the material. Followers of the singer expanded – not least due to the wave of reissues of past works on CDs.

In 1998, Frank Sinatra dies. A tribute to her father and loyal friend for all these years becomes a single «For My Dad». In 1967 «Somethin ‘Stupid» was on the first lines of all possible charts and was a tremendous success.

11 May 2006, Nancy was awarded a star on the personal Walk of Fame in Hollywood; This day has been named – at the behest of the mayor of Hollywood Johnny Grant – day of Nancy Sinatra. In the 2008th and 2009th she released the albums. At the moment, despite her advanced age, she still continues to make music.

1960s pop star Nancy Sinatra