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Beautiful Anna Chapman revealing Secrets of the World

Beautiful Anna Chapman revealing Secrets of the World

A model and a talented TV host Anna Kushchyenko (Chapman). Beautiful Anna Chapman revealing Secrets of the World

Beautiful Anna Chapman revealing Secrets of the World
Russians know Anna Chapman as a beautiful person, model and a talented TV host of a popular program “Secrets of the World”, shown weekly on REN TV. However, the Americans know her as a spy.
Born on February 23, 1982 in Volgograd, Anna Kushchyenko became a real star. Arrested along with nine others on 27 June 2010, in New York, United States, she was suspected of working for the Illegals Program spy ring under the Russian Federation’s external intelligence agency. Chapman pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government and deported back to Russia on 8 July 2010, as part of a prisoner swap.

Anna Kushchyenko (Chapman)

Born Anna Kushchyenko, TV host of a popular program “Secrets of the World”

According to her husband, Anna Kushchyenko earned a Masters degrees in economics with first class honors from Moscow University. According to other sources she got her degree from Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

Chapman moved to London in 2003 or 2004, working at NetJets, Barclays Bank and allegedly at a few other companies for brief periods. She met Alex Chapman in 2001 and they married shortly thereafter in Moscow, she has Russian-British citizenship, and a British passport.

Her LinkedIn social networking site profile identified her as CEO of PropertyFinder LLC, a website selling real estate internationally. Alex has stated that Anna told him the enterprise was continually in the red for the first couple of years, and then suddenly in 2009, she had as many as 50 employees and a successful business. She described her time in the US with the Charles Dickens quote, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

On 21 January 2011, Chapman began hosting a weekly TV show in Russia called Secrets of the World for REN TV. In June 2011, Anna became editor of Venture Business News magazine.

According to a statement from her US lawyer Robert Baum and media reports, Chapman wished to move to the UK. After her deportation to Russia, Baum reiterated that his client had wished to stay in the UK; he also said that she was “particularly upset” by the revocation of her UK citizenship and exclusion from the country.

After her arrest by the FBI for her involvement with the illegals Program, Chapman gained celebrity status. Photos of Chapman taken from her Facebook profile appeared on the web, and several videos of her were uploaded to YouTube. Magazines and blogs detailed her fashion style and dress sense, while tabloids displayed her action figure dolls. Chapman was described by local media in New York as a regular of exclusive bars and restaurants.

In October 2010, Chapman posed on the cover of Russian version of Maxim magazine in Agent Provocateur lingerie. The magazine also included Chapman in its list of Russia’s 100 sexiest women. In April 2011, Chapman was on the runway as a catwalk model for Moscow Fashion Week at the Shiyan & Rudkovskaya show.

Beautiful Anna Chapman revealing Secrets of the World

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