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Artist and jeweler Georgi Matevosyan

Artist and jeweler Georgi Matevosyan

Artwork by Artist and jeweler Georgi Matevosyan, Armenia

Armenian artist and jeweler Georgi Matevosyan is certainly a poet. Impeccable master of painting ethereal, able to animate everything with the touch of his talent, whether it is a painting, precious stone or metal. He creates unimaginable shades and shapes, shattering stereotypes, his art is a free flight of the imagination. Talented artist, architect, and jewelry designer, Georgi Grantovich Matevosyan was born on October 17, 1948 in the city of Baku. He is the son of the USSR State Prize laureate writer Hrant Matevosyan. In 1975, Georgi graduated from the Construction Engineering Institute, specializing in architecture. After the institute, he worked as an architect and designer, and at the same time, studied jewelry crafts and small plastics. As a student, he did not part with a notebook, constantly sketching portraits of his friends. Today, the work of the Armenian painter decorate museums and private collections in Russia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, America, and Japan.

Georgi Matevosyan

Artwork by Armenian artist and jeweler Georgi Matevosyan

In 2009, Matevosyan received the state award, in the field of literature, art, architecture and cultural and educational activities. His works are unique in their inner depths, warm, positive, glowing energy and the variety of forms and story lines. Each picture – a world of the senses, intuition and philosophical beginning.

Creativity of Georgi Matevosyan transmits rich, full colors, the inner world of the artist. He uses the techniques of the ancient masters of painting, combined with bright, individual technique, creating stylistic harmony.

Each author’s work is multifaceted and unique, it carries with it the eternal meaning of life. In a small plastic of jewelry Georgi finds new composite and plastic solutions. In 2009, at the 8th All-Russia specialized exhibition he became the winner in jewelry section. Georgi Matevosyan is a member of many national, international and regional exhibitions, including international – dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (Moscow May 2010).

Artist and jeweler Georgi Matevosyan