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Beautiful American actress Denise Richards

Beautiful American actress Denise Richards

Every woman, especially an actress, must necessarily remain a little mystery. Beautiful American actress Denise Richards

Beautiful American actress Denise Richards
Mother of three children, the face of cosmetic brands and one of the most beautiful women in the world, Denise Richards has repeatedly admitted that after 40 her life has just begun. And it was at this age she really felt self-confidence. As a child, Denise and his sister “got sick” with cinematography. But they did not dream of becoming actresses. Denise did not have enough self-confidence – at school everyone laughed at her. Because of her awkwardness and plump lips, classmates gave her the nickname “fish lips”. The left-handed blonde somehow had to cope with ridicule. Meanwhile, she secretly fell in love with the idol of her generation John Travolta and promised herself that she would become famous for envy of all who laughed at her. Therefore, already on the school bench Denise had an irresistible desire to become a model.
Still, Denise hoped for more, especially after an Indian sorcerer predicted her the “star” fate. It happened, when parents sent their daughters on the weekend to the relatives in the mountains. Lost in the woods, they finally came upon a clearing with a wigwam, from which came an old Indian, who made an indelible impression on the girls. Not parting with a huge pipe, he invited them to tell fortunes using the deer’s shoulder blade. Then Denise heard for the first time that she would become a famous actress.

Beautiful American actress Denise Richards

Beautiful American actress Denise Richards

In 1989 Denise Lee Riсhards went to New York and got a job at the photo agency. Soon there was the first advertisement with her participation – Denise advertised cosmetics and swimwear. Having worked as a photo model for two years, she realized that in life one must change something urgently. So Denise went to Los Angeles, deciding to try herself in the artistic field. Richards attended acting courses, and began to appear on television in various shows and serials.

The first big film and the first big role for the young actress was the film of Gregg Araki “Nowhere”. In 1997, director Paul Verhoeven invited Denise Richards to the main female role in the “Starship Troopers”. The film brought great profits. Naturally, critics noted the work of Denise Richards.

After that, she appeared in “Sexual crimes”, the only picture in the filmography of Richards, in which she appears in the nude.

The film “Wild Things” in 1998, in which Denise Richards starred along with Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon, brought the actress to “star orbit”. Confirmation of her new status was an invitation to the role of the Bond girl in the next film about the adventures of an ageless agent with a license for murder – “The World Is Not Enough.”

In the romantic comedy “Good advice” (2001) Denise Richards’s partner was Charlie Sheen. After this film, he also became her life companion. They became engaged on December 26, 2001, and married on June 15, 2002. Then, in 2004 and 2005 the couple had two daughters. The actress had a happy family with a loving husband, their daughters, four dogs and two cats, and a favorite job. Unfortunately the happiness didn’t last long… They soon parted.

And yet, Denise Richards is sure that there must be a lot of children in the family. At the same time Denise Richards believes that life is too short to plan it in advance.

According to Denise, her favorite activities are kickboxing, home decoration and interior design, yoga, shopping and sightseeing. Besides, in the future she is going to devote her free time to travel.

5 main secrets of beauty, according to Beautiful American actress Denise Richards:

• Healthy 8-hour sleep. If you do not get enough sleep, no makeup will help

• Jogging in the morning. This is the best physical activity in order to quickly bring the body into tone

• Watch your skin always and everywhere and never go to bed with make-up

• Use good cosmetics – cheap beauty products are visible on the face

• Never worry about trifles! Stress is the main enemy of beauty

Beautiful American actress Denise Richards

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