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Chinese Kingdom of dwarfs and Windows of the World

Chinese Kingdom of dwarfs and Windows of the World

Yunnan Province. Chinese Kingdom of dwarfs and Windows of the World

Chinese Kingdom of dwarfs and Windows of the World
Undoubtedly, the theme located in Yunnan Province of China is really worth visiting. First, it is because of a hundred and eight of the most undersized people perform here. Thanks to the show “The Kingdom of dwarfs”, they earn and happily live here. Noteworthy, all employees in the park are dwarfs wearing different costumes. No wonder, the park attracts numerous tourists every day, and it also induces some controversies and condemnation. Meanwhile, in the park, there are armies, a king, “guardian angels”, health department, and even “foreign ministry”. Besides, each employee has to pretend to be villagers living in the houses on top of the hills.

Chinese Kingdom of dwarfs

Kingdom of dwarfs and Windows of the World theme park in Yunnan Province of China

During the casting for “Kingdom of dwarfs” they put forward only two mandatory conditions. First, artists should be aged between 18 and 40 years. And second, their growth should be below 130 cm. No other special skills are required. Twice a day on the stage the world of dwarfs sing, dance and participate in comedy to entertain the crowds.

The emergence of a separate space in which people live with stunted growth may seem discriminatory, but the dwarfs belong to this idea with enthusiasm. Here the undersized Chinese can forget about the mockery and use height to make money. For their performances, dwarfs use a variety of costumes: business, angels with wings, Tibetan monks, Roman centurions, and various world pop-stars. They use all the forces trying to create a festive atmosphere for the tourists.

This place is very popular among tourists and is one of the attractions of Yunnan. Unusual house in the shape of mushrooms, and with fabulous costumes the actors create the impression that you were a guest of fairyland gnomes. The residents of park, themselves control their lives and everything they do – make for themselves. Funded by Chinese businessman Chen Mintszin, the idea of creating the park came to him by accident. Once, he visited area and saw the terrible conditions where short people were living alone.

Residents of the park got their wages and in addition, provided with free English lessons. Many actors have already had experience of playing before their relocation in the park. They use to entertained the audience in bars of large cities. Meanwhile, residents of the park have fun playing poker and badminton, and keep domestic animals.

There is everything for the convenience of people of Lilliputian growth, even a tiny bathroom fixtures and furniture.

In the realm of dwarfs the tourists are served with cup of coffee, noodles and pizza, and even treated with a hookah in the tiny cottages. In the souvenir shop you can buy souvenirs made by the Lilliputians, and artificial flowers, which they usually get on stage.

In addition to Kingdom of Dwarfs Theme Park, there are also different theme parks in China as well. One of them is much less debatable and much older, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, a city next to Hong Kong. The park, known as Windows of the World, is famous for its miniature replicas of landscapes from all over the world. Ranging from pyramids of Egypt to Niagara Falls residing on the broader between Canada and the United States, from Australia’s magnificent Sydney Opera House to Singapore’s Merlion Statue, the 140+ sceneries of the park allow the tourist feel like traveling around the world within one day.

However, the park does not contain any models of landscapes in China due to there is another theme park, namely Splendid China, with that theme in the city. All the buildings of Windows of the World are models and miniatures, with a scale ranging from 1: 15 to 1: 1, of their originals. The most eye-catching one of them is the 1: 3 model of Eiffel Tower right behind the front gate of the park. Being the tallest structure of the park, the tower is visible most parts of the city. The prices of ticket of Windows of World is 120 (USD $17.6).

There are also other theme parks under constructions currently in China, of which the most anticipated one in is the love park Chongqing city. The opening date or the official park name is still unknown, but it already created some hot discussed topics among the society. Being the first of its kind, the park uses love as its theme.

Statues of lovers from Chinese and western literature, Romeo and Juliet, along with Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai (star-crossed lovers from Chinese literature, whose story is quite similar to the Romeo and Juliet’s, and their story were in different Chinese operas, musicals, drama, and songs), will stand in the park. The park allows lovers to “date” with Romeo and Juliet, and it provides a numbers of beautiful sessions for newly married couples to take photographs.

Chinese Kingdom of dwarfs and Windows of the World