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Creative and talented Semyon Frolov

Creative and talented Semyon Frolov in the image of Vladimir Lenin

In the image of Vladimir Lenin – Creative and talented Semyon Frolov

Creative and talented Semyon Frolov
Born November 12, 1979, in the town of Apatity, Murmansk region, Semyon Frolov is a freelance showman, presenter, entertainer, organizer of weddings, shows and corporate events. In addition, Part-time producer, writer and performer of his own songs and director of his own music videos. Semyon Frolov – former member of the TV project Dom-2 on TNT channel of Russian TV.
When he was fourteen years old, his family moved to the village of Churilovo, Tver region. A year later he entered the Tver School of Music, and in 1998 he became a laureate of the International Competition “Play, accordion!”.

Creative and talented Semyon Frolov

Showman Semyon Frolov

His wrote first song “Bad advice” on the popular children’s writer Grigory Oster’s poems. Anyone who first acquainted with the work of Semyon Frolov became impressed with his striking sincerity, warmth and originality. His songs – filled with kindness, love, sparkling humor and youthful prowess. Semen himself wrote the music and lyrics for his songs, as well as scripts for videos.

Frolov graduated from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, he wants to continue studying to become a filmmaker. Today his artistic heritage includes 8 videos: ” Village”, “Starfall”, “Eurovision”, “Minibus”, “Creation”, “Vera”, “Piece of the soul” and “Virus”, which are often broadcast on TV.

A frequent guest of thematic TV and radio programs, Semyon Frolov is the champion of Russia for all sorts of creative achievements. In parallel with the creative work Semyon Frolov in charge of developing and opening the Moscow Patriotic Production Center, which main task will be the promotion of patriotic projects. According to Frolov, he is a “confirmed bachelor”. He is still in search of his only and one, and his heart is free.

Creative and talented Semyon Frolov