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Delicious Coffee Designs

Delicious Coffee Designs

The Moon and the star. Delicious Coffee Designs

Delicious Coffee Designs
No matter how bad your day is, getting a cup like this one or those inside the post will put a smile on your face:) These are designs created by Barista on the top espresso based drinks. In fact, there are two ways to create these designs & at times a combination of both ones. In particular, the first method drawing designs created using stencils, powders & milk foam. And the second method is by manipu1ating the flow of milk from a jug into the espresso.

Coffee Designs

A face. Delicious Coffee Designs

A good cup of coffee is also dependent on you so here are some tips for insuring that cup.
First, the need for good water. This will result in a consistently good cup. Second, the need to keep your coffee maker clean. Coffee oils will build up and ruin the taste of any coffee, no matter where you get it. There is also the problem of minerals from water, building up over time. So keep your coffee maker clean and enjoy the best coffee. Third, not all coffee makers are created equal. Many do not heat the water to the proper temperature, so choose one that is high in wattage. By taking these steps and by buying Back Alley Coffee you will be choosing to experience the very best.

Best flavors: pistachio; sugarless chocolate — amazingly rich and fudgey!

Delicious Coffee Designs