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Beautiful Enamel Rostov finift art

Enamel Rostov finift

Easter eggs made in the technique of traditional crafts – Beautiful Enamel Rostov finift

Beautiful Enamel Rostov finift

History of enamel (finift) has its origins in the 12th century, with the first mention of Russian enamel. In ancient Russia enamel was considered one of the most expensive and beautiful materials, made in techniques borrowed from Byzantium. In the middle of 18 century in a monastery of Rostov Veliky, Metropolitan Arseniy Tarkovskiy founded a small workshop, where enamelists decorated Church plates and vestments for clergy. The wizards who worked here received orders for enamel icons from various temples, Russian monasteries and Episcopal homes. Rostov enamel has its own history and unique artistic features. Closely associated with the various forms of art, and above all with the painting.

Enamel Rostov finift

Necklace and earrings, Beautiful Enamel Rostov finift

Despite the difficulty and complexity of execution, requiring visual eye, a steady hand, a perfect possession firing technology, art enamel, of course, had a number of advantages over the very fashionable and widespread in the late XVIII century miniatures on porcelain, bone, paper. Brightness, sonority, clarity of colors, rich politrila, durability of products not subject to the effects of light, air, time, and preserve for many years its original luster and freshness, and at the same time a relatively wide range of subjects: portraits (secular, front), religious items , exclusive jewelry, jewelry boxes, landscape, as well as playback pictures largest Russian and European masters of the brush. Traditionally, Rostov enamel is considered the best in Russia.

After the revolution of 1917, the masters of Enamel Rostov finift began working on creating a variety of jewelry and household items: brooches, boxes with ornamental and narrative painting on enamel. Masters of Rostov finift successfully used the dark, black or blue enamel background, which had a variety of patterns of colors as a beater, bouquet and garlands. Bright colors of enamel miniatures harmony with perfectly smooth and shiny gold and silver jewelry, silver surface topography and precious stones.

Enamel Rostov finift characteristics – floral motifs, landscapes. Bright light of paint on the white enamel plate revives biblical paintings and Russian history, the diversity of real life and the beauty of mother nature. Each generation of artists, perceiving the local picturesque tradition, brings in Rostov finift a new attitude, own understanding of beauty. But, as in a true folk art, Rostov finift has saved the eternal beauty of Russian nature.

Today Rostov finift is coming into fashion again, developing in three main directions. The first direction is to create a wide range of women’s decorations and enamel items for interior.
The second – church ware and icons based enamel miniatures actively develop. The third direction is to create exclusive, unique products of the Rostov finift for corporate and private clients.

Beautiful Enamel Rostov finift