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Beautiful Glass gardens by Dale Chihuly

Glass installation by Dale Chihuly

Beautiful installation – glass gardens by Dale Chihuly

Glass gardens by Dale Chihuly
Born in 1941 in Tacoma, American artist glass maker Dale Chihuly is the author of these colorful glass installations. He studied interior design at Washington University, from which he graduated in 1965. And, as many of glass artists, he went to Venice to study the high craftsmanship of great glass masters. So, he began work at the Venini glass factory.
As a result, the talented artist has created more than twelve well-known series of works. In particular, Cylinders and Baskets, Seaforms, Macchia, Venetians, Persians, Niijima Floats, Chandeliers and Fiori. Glass-works of Dale Chihuly are elegant and beautiful, and of course, worth of museums collections. By the way, more than 200 hundred museum collections in different countries featured his works, for example, Palais du Louvre (1986), or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (1999). And as for Garden and Glass installation, it opened at Seattle Center in 2012. Indeed, colorful glass in his new garden looks so natural as if it has grown by itself.

Glass installation by American artist Dale Chihuly

Also, these glass objects settle into their plant environment, look as if they have grown there naturally. Red, yellow, blue – beautiful Glass gardens by Dale Chihuly

Meanwhile, more than 1 million visitors attended the Tower of David Museum, admiring his impressive installation “the Light of Jerusalem” in 1999. Chihuly’s lifelong fascination for glasshouses has grown into a series of exhibitions within botanical settings.

According to Dale Chihuly, he begins with sand and fire. Like an alchemist, he brings these elements together and transforms them into glass. And this transformation leads to a diversity of form, glorious color, and transparency. As a result, viewers tempt to speak of a miracle. Undoubtedly, with his glass installations, Chihuly is creating a beautiful world, and that’s important.

Glass gardens by Dale Chihuly