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Gold miniature artist Venkatesh

Gold miniature artist Venkatesh

Art work by Gold miniature artist Venkatesh

Gold miniature artist Venkatesh is from Tamil Nadu state, India. 28-year-old Indian craftsman G Venkatesh has devoted himself to miniature art, and his ambition is to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. Venkatesh has spent three years on creating these painstaking sculptures, he began working on silver before progressing to the more precious metal. His gold gallery includes a working bicycle and cricket world cup trophy. He has carved the working models out of one gram of gold. All his artworks measure less than one centimeter – and need a magnifying glass to view in detail.

Gold miniature artist Venkatesh

Miniature sculpture of gold by Indian craftsman G Venkatesh

“I have to work on each one really slowly. There is always a risk of the miniature model breaking as I carve. It can take days at a time and is very delicate.”

He uses tweezers to hold the piece steady while carving the gold using a homemade tool. Venkatesh says he was inspired to turn his hand to the miniature art world after seeing another artist’s work on TV.

He said: “I like small things and who doesn’t like gold things? So creating one out of the other made sense. “I always try to make them as light as one gram. I want to break all the records. My ambition is to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.”

To date, Venkatesh has produced dozens of pieces, with his latest taking on a religious theme. It features the three symbols of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam – the Om, cross and crescent and star respectively.

Venkatesh added: “It is the lightest piece I have made until now. I used just 40 milligrams of gold. “I also made the small model of the trophy when India won the cricket world cup in 2011.”

The artist has more models planned for the future – and hopes to take commissions in a bid to continue funding his passion. His next artwork, he says, will be a tiny replica of Gandhi.

Gold miniature artist Venkatesh