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Jo Whaley’s photography that looks like painting

Jo Whaley's photography

Transparent butterflies. Jo Whaley’s photography that looks like paintings

Jo Whaley’s photography that looks like paintings. Talented American photographer and artist Jo Whaley is from San Francisco, graduated from University of California, Berkeley, 1980. Jo Whaley has degrees in Art and Photography. Painting had a profound influence on her current photographs. Since 1980s Jo Whaley has chad numerous exhibitions throughout the USA, Europe, and Japan. With an ironic and quirky point of view, she juxtaposes organic and man made elements to reflect the issue of environmental degradation in an imaginative manner. Looking at these beautiful photographs it’s hard to believe they are not paintings.

Jo Whaley's photography

Black spotted butterfly on a yellow background. Photograph that looks like painting, by American artist and photographer Jo Whaley

Jo Whaley’s photography