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Kiev jewellery factory 75 years of success

Kiev jewellery factory

75 years of success – Kiev jewellery factory

Kiev jewellery factory is the largest jewelry manufacturer in Ukraine. The story started 75 years ago, in 1936, from the Kiev workshop, with a little watch repair and restoration of jewelry. Since its foundation, using the experience and tradition of past masters, constantly improving production technologies, the plant has become one of the largest commercial and industrial complexes of Ukraine. The company also produces Diadems and Crowns for a variety of beauty contests, awards for participants of the prestigious rankings. The company products have received recognition not only among local connoisseurs of jewelry. Jewelry artworks were shown at exhibitions in Japan, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Italy, and brought to the company the international fame.

archive photo from the history of jewelry factory

Jewellery Factory in Kiev, archive photo from the history the factory

High quality products marked with a large number of both domestic and international awards. Kiev Jewellery Factory – not only the largest manufacturer of jewelry in the Ukrainian market, but also a leader in the development of new technologies and materials. The company sells its products through an extensive network of branded stores in all regions of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Baltic States. Kiev jewellery factory has received numerous awards at the largest international exhibitions for exquisite and trendy jewelry design, elegance, beauty and artistic ambition jewelry.

Kiev jewellery factory releases their new collections twice a year: in spring and autumn. Spring 2012 collections were named “chocolate”, “Roman holiday”, “Caramel” and “Lace”, they were also presented at the stand. At the present moment the exhibition Jeweler Expo Ukraine takes place till 17 November.

Kiev jewellery factory