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Marchak Jewelry house exquisite jewellery art

Marchak Jewelry house exquisite jewellery art

Beautiful and exquisite jewellery by Marchak Jewelry house

Marchak Jewelry house was founded in 1878 by talented jeweler Joseph Marchak. Initially, the Marchak company employed 150 workers at the start of the Russian Revolution (1917). Jewelry house “Marchak” made jewelry for the most distinguished people in Russia in the late XIX. For example, they executed official gifts to the Emperor Nicholas II on the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. Indeed, it was one of the most respected jewelry houses of the Russian Empire. In addition, it was the official supplier of the court and the competitor of Faberge. However, the Revolution of 1917 forced the family of the famous jeweler to go abroad. Meanwhile, new authorities nationalized a thriving factory in Kiev, and the history of the company continued in Paris. Products under “Marchak” brand admired at international exhibitions and World Fairs. Besides, Marchak jewelry masterpieces are now made in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Marchak Jewelry house

The history of Marchak Jewelry house

In July 1918, Joseph Marshak left a will, according to which his children received capital. And he even didn’t forget about his masters and servants. Thus, he provided funds for the maintenance of schools and colleges at the factory. In addition, he even took care of the dowry for the girls who worked at the firm. However, the will remained unfulfilled due to the Russian revolution.

Joseph Marshak was one of the most famous jewelers of the Russian Empire, and the undisputed rival of the Faberge. Nevertheless, in spite of the fierce competition, they were good friends. The cost of some of the ornaments made ​​in the workshops of Marshak, reached the price of estates. For example, a necklace of 5 threads (415 pearls with faceted emerald surrounded with diamonds) was worth 8000 rubles, big money for those times. It is hard to imagine how much the decorations would cost today.

Inheriting the tricks of the trade of his father Joseph, Alexander created unique things in the spirit of his time. Besides, he combined the ideas of Palekh and modern, clean geometric shapes. Brooch in the shape of birds, flowers, colorful fan, long hanging earrings – in these products Marchak heard motifs inspired by the music of the great Stravinsky and Diaghilev’s ballet seasons.

Faithful to original skills and high quality of his father’s jewelry, and artworks granted to Alexander, he had a special place in the world of high Parisian jewelry. Its popularity was growing, and he won numerous awards at the show, “Art Deco” in 1925.

Unfortunately, the Second World War prevented the development of house, and many felt that it would not be revived. However, immediately after the war, Alexander Marchak found the talented craftsmen. Alexander Dirinzhera, and later Jacques Verges joined the Marshak House.

Joseph Marchak was one of the most popular providers of Emperor Nicholas II, and Jacques Verger made the major jewelry pieces for His Majesty Hassan II. The official and private gifts – such as, for example, the casket of jade, presented by the King of Morocco to Madame de Goll.

In 1988, Marshak salon closed its doors to visitors, but the familiarity of the brand did not fade. Collectors, professionals, fans of the brand always trace the appearance of Marchak Jewelry house at trade shows and in the halls of sales.

Meanwhile, a few years later, Dr. Marchak, great-nephew of Alexander, the only one with his brother having the name Marchak, begins a new revival of the brand of his great-grandparents. And soon the idea entirely captured him, although it was far from his profession of a plastic surgeon. He began exhibitions that had an increasing success: in Basel – in 2000, followed by Japan in 2002, in West Palm Beach in 2003, and in Moscow in 2004.

Currently, all products are drawn, processed and made ​​entirely in Paris, where he again opened Marchak salon. Basically, these are the only copies, marked with a special sign. The jewelry pieces are unique, not repeated more than 5-10 items, and the color – never duplicated.

Marchak Jewelry house exquisite jewellery