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Kinusayga patchwork technique

Kinusayga patchwork technique

Japanese mosaic patchwork applique. Kinusayga patchwork technique

Kinusayga patchwork technique – a very rare form of patchwork techniques, mosaic patchwork applique on the wood (Kinuirodori-ga, or Kinusai). Culture, arts and traditions of Japan do not cease to amaze and delight us. What inventive and incredibly sensitive to the beauty the Japanese craftsmen are! When you look at this picture, there is a sense that you look at the photo, or even just watching the landscape outside the window, so realistic it is. Founder of this genre is considered Maeno Takashi, born in 1961 art teacher, academician of the Institute of Nagoya. He began creating such pictures on silk in 1987.

Kinusayga patchwork

Kinusayga patchwork technique – Japanese mosaic patchwork applique

Initially, the main thing is a sketch on paper. Following this, the pattern is transferred onto a wooden plank. Silhouette pattern is cut in grooves. And after that, with little cut, the selection of the color and tone of scraps, the edges of these patches are loaded into the grooves.

In fact, Kinusayga is quite a difficult art. Master selects colors and shades so carefully to create a realistic image. Basically, these paintings depict romantic corners of city streets, landscapes of Japanese nature. Rarely, in the pictures you see images of people. Made by hand and cost a lot of money, they are perfect decoration for any home interior.

Kinusayga is an artistic style that arose on the basis of Japanese frugality. Initially, it was a method of recycling old kimonos. Silk kimono is expensive and lovely fabric, so it is worth having a second life.

Kinusayga patchwork technique