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Straw Embroidery by Natalia Lashko

Straw Embroidery by Natalia Lashko

Triptych ‘Malwa’ 1997. Straw Embroidery by Natalia Lashko

Straw Embroidery by Natalia Lashko. Talented Russian artist of applied art Natalia Lashko comes from the old Russian city of Voronezh. The girl grew in the family of an artist – her father was a painter and decorator. The first art education Natalia received at the Penza Art College. She had a great desire to continue art studies in high school in Moscow or Leningrad, but fate decided differently. Natalia entered the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute, where she met her future husband – Vladimir Lashko. Today he is an honored artist of Ukraine, the sculptor. Natalia Lashko is a Member of the National Union of Folk Art of Ukraine.

Natalia and Ilya Lashko 'Sunflowers - guards'

Natalia and Ilya Lashko ‘Sunflowers – guards’

After graduation in 1984 spouses left for Kamenetz – Podolsk. In Kamenetz-Podolsk State Historical Museum Natalia started her career in arts and crafts. In 1995 Natalia Lashko began her teaching career. It was a school of aesthetic education, and after receiving a master’s degree in 2004, became a teacher at Kamenetz – Podolsk National University, the department of Fine and decorative arts.

Natalia Lashko 'Christmas'

Natalia Lashko ‘Christmas’

Straw was used in Russia since the 16th century (according to some sources – even much earlier) as an imitation of gold embroidery. But it’s just a fact, the technology was forgotten. Natalia had to develop her own technique through trial and error. Straw works of Natalia look both traditional and original, most important they look beautiful and alive.

Natalia Lashko 'Irises' 2004, detail

Natalia Lashko ‘Irises’ 2004, detail

Russian artist of applied art Natalia Lashko has mastered many different application techniques, including patchwork quilting. To have a basic knowledge and skills she travels the world, visiting exhibitions, conducting courses and master classes with leading foreign masters of patchwork.

“Straw is a flexible material. Working with it is difficult and at the same time enjoyable. All embroidered with straw patterns exist in a single copy.”

Straw Embroidery by Natalia Lashko