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Unique and beautiful Kolomna Palace Russia

Kolomna Palace Russia

Wooden masterpiece of architecture, Kolomna Palace Russia

Kolomna Palace Russia
Original wooden palace, built in 1667 -1672, Kolomna Palace amazed noblemen and foreign ambassadors with its splendor, so they even named the palace “the eighth wonder of the world”. Unfortunately, 100 years after its construction, authorities demolished the palace, because of its decrepitude. However, Empress Catherine II ordered to reconstruct a wooden model of the palace before its dismantling. And nowadays the palace reconstruction has become possible with the help of this model.
The Kolomna palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich opened its doors on the 4th of September, 2010. The appearance of the palace is almost identical to that from old images.

Kolomna Palace Russia

Beautiful wooden palace in Kolomna, Russia

In fact, the carpenters’ artel under the leadership of Senka Petrov and Ivashko Mikhailov made the most of constructional works of the “old” palace. In addition, the best artists of Moscow and other cities worked at all stages of the construction. And the masters of the Armory created the paintings of the palace interior.

Undoubtedly, the wooden palace created in the 17th century aimed primarily to show to Russians and foreign guests the grandeur of the tzar’s power.

In fact, the modern palace (the same as its previous version) has 270 rooms with the area of 7239 square meters. However, masters recreated only 24 rooms. In total, 226 people of 20 different professions took part in this recreation.

Noteworthy, at the times of Aleksei Mikhailovich the palace was the place of rest and the main country residence of Russian emperors. In addition, it was a place of meetings of the Boyar Duma, “exterminated” later by Peter I, councils, diplomatic receptions and army parades.

The source of woods for the construction was the Siberian Krasnoyarsk region. First, treated by Vladimir masters, wood then transported to Moscow.

Meanwhile, Aleksei Mikhailovich’s palace is a complex maze of rooms connected by passages. Divided into two parts: male and female. Accordingly, women could not go to the male half. And even the tzar went to the female half, to his tsarina only in case of special needs.

Of course, the tsar, tsarina, tsarevitches and tsarevnas had separate rooms in the palace. Besides, with separate entrances and exits, and additional rooms for servants, maids and nannies.
The recreated palace, however doesn’t stand in its original place. And reason is simple – its location near the Church of Ascension would provoke crowds of people in one place.

Unique and beautiful Kolomna Palace Russia