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Lina Cavalieri worlds first photo model

Lina Cavalieri worlds first photo model

Called the most beautiful woman in the world – Lina Cavalieri – world’s first photo model

Lina Cavalieri worlds first photo model

They say, children born during the holidays, will have an extraordinary destiny. On Christmas evening, December 25, 1874 in the family of Cavalieri a small, very pretty girl was born. This event occurred in the town of Viterbo, located in the outskirts of Rome. The child received a name Natalina – Natale in Italian means Christmas. In the future, portraits of luxurious beauty Lina Cavalieri will be bought by young schoolboys and respectable fathers and mothers of families. And if critics still argue about her singer’s talent, the beauty of Lina is out of question. Called the most beautiful woman in the world, Lina Cavalieri (25.12.1874 – 07.02.1944) remains a symbol of her era, gone from us forever.

Lina Cavalieri worlds first photo model

La Belle epoch diva – Lina Cavalieri

Meanwhile, the little girl was growing up and becoming more and more attractive. In addition to the external beauty, God awarded her extraordinary kindness and musical talent. And the girl was singing from morning till night. Her songs were unpretentious, but touched to the depths. Fortunately, one of her unwitting spectators was a new neighbor, a music teacher. He offered to help the girl about singing career, and Natalina gladly accepted his offer, because she wanted to shine on stage.

So, just several lessons have shown to the teacher that the girl has undeniable talent. That’s why he recommended her as a singer to his friend, owner of a small restaurant. After hearing Cavalieri, he enthusiastically offers job to her. Of course, Lina gladly accepted it, as now she could do what she liked.

As soon as fourteen-year-old Lina entered a noisy restaurant every evening, an affected public immediately fell silent. The singer didn’t even have time to start a song, how the audience had already been conquered by her extraordinary beauty. And after the song there was deafening roar of applause for the young singer.

Soon, the fame of the beautiful singer spread around the city. The owners of the most luxurious and prestigious restaurants were struggling for Cavalieri to sing in their restaurants. As a result, increased fee and Natalina could afford to live the life of a spoiled star. However, she continued taking vocal lessons, and attending dance classes.

But the girl now had a new dream – she wanted to become a star of the opera. So, Lina Cavalieri made ​​her debut on the opera stage in Madrid, followed by other European capitals. And everywhere – a big hit, the crowd of fans and her name is on everyone’s lips. Thus, Anastasia Tsvetayeva wrote about Cavalieri: “Precious name, on the lips of Italians and foreigners. Name belonging to Beauty, with nothing compared to, because she is – the first in the world! La signora Lina Cavalieri! .. She entered the room, majestic and beautiful woman, a famous actress, something like pearl. Dark-haired. Dark eyes. And with outstretched arms the statue comes to life – the current froth of lace”.

In the 1890s – Lina’s off to conquer Russia. Petersburg and Moscow applauded to diva, and the audience just went crazy. Celebrities also paid tribute to the singer. Thus, Leonid Sobinov said about Cavalieri, “Now rising star … everything in her is so touchingly pure, so infinitely cool. … we all know that Cavalieri’s very beautiful. Even so, her beauty in her talent – only extra touch. Long live and flourish this wonderful flower!”

In addition, the great popularity of Lina brought huge money. Sold in millions copies of postcards depicting young beauty were everywhere. Besides, the image of a tall brunette with big eyes and long lashes became a symbol of the era.

In his book “Notes by old Muscovite”, Ilya Shneydep described the general hysteria about Cavalieri. In particular, if you purchased chocolate in Abrikosov confectionery shop, to every box of sweets, or a bar of chocolate there was an application – wrapped in a golden paper a bar of chocolate with a picture of Chaliapin or Lina Cavalieri on it.

Indeed, the images of Italian beauty in different poses and dresses were everywhere – in small and big shops. However, Cavalieri set tough conditions for photographers – to be shot only in strict outfits, not to compromise herself in the eyes of her future husband.

Alexander Baryatinsky (left)

Alexander Baryatinsky (left)

And soon she met a Russian nobleman, heir to millions Alexander Baryatinsky. Meanwhile, crazy love struck both of them – even took place their secret wedding! However, the family was in shock from this misalliance and strongly protected the prince from the singer. Lina also was crazy about her husband and was going to leave the stage and devote herself only to him. But soon, Nicholas II himself  annulled the marriage of “rootless Italian and Russian nobleman”, at the request of the family of Prince. Besides, Lina was strongly advised to leave Russia …

And she did it. Lina went to Italy and continued her operatic work. Her heart ached from love and suffering, but the world did not see her tears. Moreover, her suffering enriched singing with new colors, and the audience just sobbed, listening to the voice of the divine beauty.

Meanwhile, Lina conquered new theaters, sang along with the most famous opera stars – Caruso, Sobinov, Chaliapin. After a while she again went on tour to Russia, by that time Prince Baryatinsky had become a husband to the daughter of Alexander II

Most likely, they continued love affair, as only after the death of the prince, in 1910, Lina Cavalieri accepted a marriage proposal from an American millionaire Robert Chandler.

Soon Cavalieri left the scene, wrote a memoir, and the book instantly became a best-seller – “Manual of Lina Cavalieri.” This book is a useful advice for women – , for example, Lina told how to stay young and attractive for a long time.

Biography of Lina after her departure from the scene remained closed to public … However, it is known that after the death of Chandler, a very wealthy widow found time to get married and divorced.

Lina Cavalieri tragically died during the Second World War – in August 1944, her villa near Florence was bombed. Cavalieri had died, but her pictures remained. And even in the XXI century, the image of the most beautiful woman continues to inspire artists, poets and writers.

Lina Cavalieri worlds first photo model