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Yana Ciganova Russian beauty

Russian beauty, stylist, Yana Ciganova

This very photo has become quite famous on the net. Yana Ciganova Russian beauty, makeup artist, photographer, model, and stylist, who strongly believes that Beauty will save the world. Photo

Yana Ciganova Russian beauty

Can a beauty contest, even if it’s Miss Universe really determine the most beautiful girl of the planet? Of course not, the competition determines only the most beautiful of the participants, who announced themselves. But there are girls not less beautiful than Angelina Jolie, and even more beautiful than any beauty queen, they live their lives, and do not participate in competitions. This girl is Yana Ciganova (Yana Tsiganova), blue-eyed blonde, and a young photographer. Yana was born on June 3, 1991 in Moscow. Yana Ciganova could be a perfect model, but ironically, she is involved in photography as a stylist, makeup artist and a photographer. She studied at the Academy of Hairdressing of Dolores, and received a diploma of stylist. She also received some study abroad. Her photography experience in working with brides started 5 years ago, and now she has more than 6000 satisfied clients! Yana loves her work, and, according to her, “every woman is individual!” Since 2009, the beautiful girl has been participating in the championships in Moscow and Russia, and has several awards. Yana is happily married and has a child.

Yana Ciganova

In the winter forest. Beautiful Russian blue eyed model, makeup artist and stylist Yana Ciganova

Yana Ciganova Russian beauty

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