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Traditional Norwegian roofs of grass

Grass roofs in Norway

Unique and traditional Grass roofs in Norway

Norwegian roofs of grass
In fact, grass roofs in Norway have existed for centuries. Since ancient times, people inhabiting Scandinavia, built roofs of turf, birch bark and other natural environmental materials. And every year, since 2000, the best green roof project in Scandinavia receive awards from the board of the Scandinavian Green Roof Association.
Meanwhile, enthusiasts organized movement aimed reviving the old traditions. From the beginning it was the open-air museums, holiday houses in the mountains, and then the green roof of grass and flowers again became popular.
Noteworthy, except that the roof is just beautiful, it’s pretty cheap, durable, and improves the micro climate. In addition, it provides warmth and waterproofing.

Grass roofs in Norway

Amazing Grass roofs in Norway

The advantages of turf roofs (also called sod roofs) are many. They are very heavy, so they help to stabilize the house; they provide good insulation; and they are long-lasting.

At the same time, open air museums and the preservation movement created a reservation for ancient building traditions. From these reservations, sod roofs have begun to reappear as an alternative to modern materials.

Norwegian roofs of grass