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Robert Adamson pioneer photographer

Robert Adamson pioneer photographer. The Monks of Kennaquhair

The Monks of Kennaquhair, joint work by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, calotype, 1843-1848. Robert Adamson pioneer photographer

Robert Adamson pioneer photographer

The creative union of photographers, in particular, Robert Adamson (26 April 1821 – 14 January 1848) and David Octavius Hill (1802–1870) became the authors of the series of truly innovative photographs. And the above photo, titled “The Monks of Kennaquhair” is one of the earliest photographs ever taken and the best example of photo art. Meanwhile, the images they created in soft reddish-brown or sepia included local landscapes and landscapes of Fife. In addition, these were urban scenes, for example, images of the monument to Scott, built in Edinburgh. Their innovative photo gallery included “combat” photos of soldiers, and, perhaps, the most famous photograph – two priests walking side by side. Also, their images of groups and children were unsurpassed. Besides, they photographed ordinary workers, especially Newhaven fishermen and their wives. Their social documentary series about the fishing families of Newhaven, which depicts living conditions and relations with the public, was to become the most visible work of the partnership.

Born on April 26, 1821 in St Andrews of Scotland, the boy showed exceptional talents in mathematics and mechanics, twice winning the prize for mathematics. Scottish chemist and pioneer photographer Robert Adamson became best known for his pioneering photographic portraits. Unfortunately, the author of these brilliant photos died young. It is impossible to imagine how many masterpieces of photography humanity would see if it were not for the early death of a talented photographer who died at the age of 26, on January 14, 1848.

Robert Adamson pioneer photographer