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Russian Mafia Tombstones

Russian Mafia Tombstones

Clan of Kirpich. Russian Mafia Tombstones

Russian Mafia Tombstones
Traditionally, any tombstone and grave sculpture of any representative of Russian mobsters demonstrates passion for art. These photos, in particular taken in the cemetery of Dnepropetrovsk, in the Ukraine, a place much like the mafia-infested Yekaterinburg, in Mother Russia. Although the two cities are 2,000 km apart, and mafia fashion is very much the same. During the Russian Mafia Wars of the ’90s bosses started commissioning these lavish tombstones for them and their loyal subjects. Meanwhile, a macabre masterpiece like this costs between $8,000 and $250,000.

Russian Mafia Tombstones

Dima (Dmitry Ruzlyaev – Big Dima). Russian Mafia Tombstones

Granite stella heavy crosses, the fence with gilded angels of half human growth … The famous sculptors worked on these monuments. Prophetic epitaph of Dante and other classics engraved on the tombstones. If we are to mourn and remember the lost must be big and impressive.

In fact, the criminal authorities even after the death have a reverent attitude. Indeed, even in cemeteries they have VIP zones: as a rule, at the entrance, on a central avenue. The monuments are lit, and in winter staff in any weather clears them with soft brush of snow and ice, put fresh flowers in the summer.

Traditionally, Russian mafia elite members rest in prestigious cemeteries of the capital: Vagankovsky, Staroarmyansky, Danilov, and Nicolo Archangel. There is even a private “brotherly” cemetery, like the one located in suburban Rakitin. In the early 90’s Russian mobsters purchased entire sections at urban churchyards, so that these tough guys would be together even in the world of dead.

However, inscriptions and epitaphs on the graves of the “authorities” – a separate theme. For example, in Togliatti, on the monument to the head of a criminal group, Dmitry Ruzlyaev – Big Dima – carved succinctly: “Dima”. On the headstone of a man nicknamed Blue his friends wrote: “And on the ashes of the soul is nothing to sprout, only time will exact relentlessly for those who will not come.”
And in Vladivostok, the grave of kingpin Mikho decorate completely unambiguous words: “Here, sleep good and justice.” However, gangster Mukha White surpassed all his fellow colleagues: on the stele in the form of a cell phone engraved – “The subscriber is unavailable”.

Monuments featuring “old chap” with cards, keys of “Mercedes” in hand – in the past. In recent years, the monuments of “authorities” are full of imagination. For example, in Nizhny Novgorod Starozavodsky cemetery there is a unique gravestone to well-known in criminal circles man named Zaron. Next to the statue of the deceased in full growth is “floating” stone swan, and from its eyes … tears flow.

In August 2014, fifteen mobsters were crowned “thiefs-in-law”, and it is a record since 2000. According to sources, for today, there are more than one thousand thieves-in-law. Besides, in the criminal years of collapse of the USSR, in 1990s more than 200 thieves and more than 1 thousand criminal authorities were killed.

Russian Mafia Tombstones